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Chair: Brian "BBQ" McPherson, your new CEO!


  • David Henry-waffled between hackerspaces, finally chose i3 over TechShop! Yay!
  • Matt-guest, on the Trail to Membership
  • Ron-guest, helping with Bacon's filming, formerly Tooling engineer, now high school teacher

Show and Tell

  • Somebody set up a hangout! with Hats!
  • Konrad made a Different Rocket (he makes lots of Rockets)
    • Takes Effin' G Rockets up to 2000 feet
    • Not quite as tall as Jamie
  • Max made an excellent leather hobgoblin mask at Karianne's leather mask-making class
  • Not to be outdone, Joseph made a leather holster for a torch. It looks like a black circle.


BBQ and Cannoli, eat them all!

Old Business

Easy Zone Cash

Make thread on EZC a more fleshed-out proposal-Jim Jim's email was really good, only needs a little bit of extra attention to make it a proposal to bring to the board



Fix the urinal before the Halloween party-Nathan W Urinal is fully functioning!

  • Men's bathroom can continue to be disgusting, but functional


Streetview Panoramic Tour

Finish the tour and put up documentation -Mike


Grey Monster

Update status of Grey Monster auction-Jody Currently at auction, currently has 5 bids


Action Item: Justin - Order new T-Shirts

New Business

Donations to Graveyard

Terry has some items he wants to bring in

Penguicamp Code Sprint

  • Work on coding TuxTrax, the penguicon scheduling app
  • This weekend!
  • Free food and beer!

CRM Update

  • Lost about a month of Amazon payment records
  • Most of the data can be recovered (manual entry)
  • A few days of payments didn't go through
    • If you use automatic payments, you wouldn't have gotten an error, but Terry will contact you
    • If you use manual payments, you would have gotten an error, but you can retry now

History Channel Filming

Bacon is making a pilot for the History Channel

  • He was filming earlier today, and had a great time
  • Working title: "Fix it"- about small american hardware store and DIY spirit
  • When you get the Bacon, you get the Full Makerspace Experience
  • If it gets on TV, i3 will host a viewing party and Bacon will provide warm beer (woo....)

Zone updates

Bike Zone

Critical Mass coming up on Halloween, 7pm

  • 2-Hour bike ride through downtown Detroit
  • Last Friday of every month
  • Like paleontologists, bikers need little approval

Bike Zone will mostly go into hibernation in winter, but people are still sporadically working on their projects

CNC Zone

New member Adam is working on his startup project, the Hemingway

  • Very impressive, very nice finish

Jim is also doing some cool experimentation with the Haas, using the Haas to generate meshes of points (Jamie is confused about exactly what he's doing but it sounds cool?)

Let Jim know what size of tools you want, metric and english and all the things

Compute Zone

Scanner is back in operation, it is VERY simple to use!

Compute Zone Etiquette:

  • Make sure you log out of all your services
  • Close all your windows
  • Firefox is the Recommended Browser, Recommended by your Local COmpute Zone Coordinator
    • Will automatically clear all your history and log you out when you close the window!

Craft Room

Leather sewing- It IS Possible! With a MACHINE! (Not by hand!)

  • The Husqvarna is awesome.
  • New member Lew (wearing Blue) has heavy duty machines to sew even thicker leather! Ask him if you want to use them

Craft Zone needs help with documentation-

E Lab

Nate shows up late, but in a Fancy Suit!

$5 wifi modules that everyone's been drooling

Fab Lab

No longer a hallway! (now a tanning booth?)

Injection Molding

Last the ZW heard, some people from Windsor wanted to buy it or something

  • Who knows
  • Certainly not the Zone Coordinator
  • It's not like he's in charge of them or anything

Kiln/Vacuum Zone

Extension cord for Vacuuform is broken and scheduled for repair.

  • Wheel Vacuuform into welding zone (if available) to use.
  • Be very careful when moving it, as it has the structual integrity of a styrofoam cup.
  • The Vacuuform is the property of John Sugg. Contact him for training. Do not operate without training.

Laser Zone

Any focus problems, let Zone Coordinator know

Metal Shop

Currently un-wardened, any volunteers?

  • Brian accidentally nominates himself, wuickly retracts

Sky Zone

STILL collecting proposals for cool art installations on the ceiling

  • Roger and Evan should join forces to spend lots of money; put lots of things on the ceiling
  • Anyone else with ideas should contact Joseph

Tool Crib

Bought new drill bits.

  • If you take a new bit, you have to pay for it
  • Old ones are free

Tree House/Whiteboard Room

Leet Lounge Transformation

  • Justin built a desk! It's awesome
  • Plans to build even more desks!
  • Goal is to make it more of a workspace than a lounge

There is an adorable robot squeaky music machine in there now! (Ben and Nico's Macro Machine)

Vinyl Zone

ZW is not present. SHAME

Welding Zone

Lookit! Shiny new plasma cutter! (applause)

Still hoping for bids on the welders. Looking like we might need to find a different solution. I'll be checking in to another seller, and then scrappers. If anybody knows anybody, i'd like to hear about it.

Wood Shop

Greg is back! :-) (applause)

Saw Stop-now working again!

  • Was tripped this weekend
  • Saved a member's finger!
  • Need to talk to the member, who shall remain anonymous, about what happened and address any safety concerns
  • Can possibly send cartridge back to the company to get another one for free
  • Dave and Greg put a new blade on, so it's fully operational!

Horizontal Billing Machine

  • was donated, but is dangerous and flood-damaged
  • Greg is going to sell it, maybe make a couple hundred bucks to use for other things


i3 MotorSports

Had a successful recon trip (Go-karting) and now have a pretty good idea of the new car's design


Let Justin or Matt (Huber) know if you're interested! They get together occasionally


Ashley's not here

Action Items

Action ItemPOC
Order new T-ShirtsJustin

Broom Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:19
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees:


  • Justin Triplett
  • Adrienne Patterson
  • Jamie Burdeski
  • Dave Scholl
  • Steve Marlow
  • Konrad Brown
  • Maxwell Gonyea-Alexander
  • Scott Sheraga
  • jAMES o'dELL
  • nATHAN wARNICK-cAPTAIN Awesome of Capslock
  • Brian McPherson
  • Greg Smith
  • Gary Morin
  • Scott Richardson
  • Kevin Flory
  • Charlie Rysenga
  • Joseph Bauman
  • Levi Morey
  • Terry Wynn
  • Roger Slykhouse
  • Matt Huber
  • Josh Bacon
  • Chris Platzer