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Agenda for 12-16-2014

Chair: Brian McPherson


  • Guest Cody has a small apartment,thus needs to use our space
  • Ashley is an old member, but never here except for today

Show and Tell

  • Results of gilding is most pretty
    • Gilding works much better on sandblasted glass than regular glass
  • Lego made Lichtenberg figure i3 and made a pretty mount, will be displayed at the front
  • Ashley brought printing blocks to show off capabilities of possible printing press
    • They were made on tabletop press, which would probably be best

Old Business

New Business


Budget was passed! We cut $37,000 from expenses but kept the disco ball!


  • We don't do any for the general funds
  • We only did fundraising for the laser cutter because we really, really wanted one

Space Project Updates

  • Server Update: Ordered because Evan got budget and is being built
  • Casters for Kiln: Jody has them and as soon as Terry + Jody are in the space together they're being put on
  • Weld Exhaust: Jody is bad at herding cats, Nate W has volunteered to help Jody for realz
  • Air Compressor: Ingersoll Rand might have a deal on an even newer compressor
  • RFID for equipment: some progress has been made, but POC is currently passing a kidney stone (oowwww)
  • Keypad entry: working with Matt A/Len to access CRM database easily

Zone updates

Bike Zone

CNC Zone

People have been making some nice pieces, out of aluminum and copper

Compute Zone

Craft Room

Lots of Classes! 2 have been given in December, 1 left to give

  • Kevin is awesome (Applause)

E Lab

  • Neat stuff approved in the budget for next year! LCR meter, hot tweezers, etc
  • Only one issue this month with a microcontroller programmer going missing, but it is returned now

Fab Lab

  • Full Spectrum Pegasus 3D Printer has finally shipped!
    • Delivery to my place in Pontiac looks like on Wednesday
    • Experimentation and setup commencing Friday through this weekend
    • "Many hands light work" is not the case here while we try to figure out how to use the thing in a safe and cost-effective manner
      • Excitement is appreciated
      • Piles of people crowding around is not


  • Ordered Server
  • Budget for next year includes more phones for safety

Injection Molding

  • Still rumors swirling about big one being sold

Kiln Zone

Laser Zone

Metal Shop

  • Levi reorganized the metal shop during potlock, and has received much positive feedback
  • There is a todo on the wiki now, so help is appreciated with some form of communication

Sky Zone

Tool Crib

Tree House

Vinyl Zone

Welding Zone

  • Jody reorganized some during potlock, got positive feedback
  • More reorganization is coming-same functionality in a smaller footprint, so it won't overflow its bounds
  • Classes are coming up in January, watch for Whenisgood

Wood Shop


i3 MotorSports


  • $750 to spend on thigns!


  • Ashley brought some examples of plates, linoleum carvings, and finished prints
  • Looking to build excitement while Ashley and Kevin wait for the right used press to appear on the market
    • Most presses are built a million years ago, and build to last. Don't try making your own, the shortcomings in quality (no offense) will come out in your prints

Action Items

no action items

Broom Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:04, possibly a new record!
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 19


  1. Brian McPherson
  2. Jamie Burdeski
  3. Mike Fink
  4. Brandon Biller (has hands)
  5. Konrad Brown
  6. Nathan W (no hands)
  7. Scott Sheraga
  8. Jim Kemp
  9. Ashley Lesser
  10. Levi Morey
  11. Nicole Weltman
  12. James O'Dell
  13. Jody Raiford
  14. Amelia Meyer
  15. Evan Allen
  16. Nate Bezanson
  17. Dave Scholl
  18. Kevin Flory