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Agenda for 01-20-2015

Chair: Brian McPherson


  • Dan-army man Dad, woodworking and guitars
  • Tom - not new member, but Brian doesn't know him

Show and Tell

  • New server, and lack of server noise!
  • Kitchen is now half-classroom

Old Business


Lost and Found

  • Proposal passed last meeting
  • Standing Rules updated
  • Board designated spot by old server racks
  • Little white table put in last weekend

New Business

Yuri's Night Planning Committee

POC: Konrad
  • Coming up in mid-April
  • Going to be family friendly
  • i3 Members to make cool space-themed projects to show to kids
  • Watch for a whenisgood for first meeting

New meeting format

  • Splitting up Zone updates and Space Project Updates
  • Starting with First Feburary Meeting
  • Will also start bugging people for updates
  • Hopefully will result in more consistent, meaningful updates

Space Project Updates

  • Server Replacement
    • Server's been replaced
  • New Compressor
    • Waiting on new models to come out
  • Authbox
    • Charlie is working with Jim, Jim is doing more work than Charlie
  • Whiteboard Desks
    • 2 desks, one with shelf
    • Also an Arcade Machine via Evan
  • i3 Motor sports car
    • Meeting about that after tonight's meeting
  • Weld Zone Exhaust
    • Part is backordered, arriving in the next week or two
  • Front Desk/POS
    • Charlie and Greg will have deep discussions

Zone updates

Bike Zone

no warden present

CNC Zone

no warden present

Compute Zone

  • VHS digitizing station is set up and to be documented soon. -Konrad B

Craft Room

no update

E Lab

zone orientation coming up on Thursday

Fab Lab

  • Pegasus Touch printer (AKA the shiny resin printer) is functional and printing
    • Some further work, notably on the wiki and training for the machine, is needed before I hold classes
    • Classes probably in the late-January timeframe
  • Progress being made to convert Fab Lab wiki pages to the Equipment Access Project templates
  • If you want new filament choices for the Rostock MAX printer, please write your choices on the north door whiteboard in the Fab Lab
  • Protomat is down
    • Apparently the spindle motor control board was not built to be dowsed in small-rodent liquid waste
    • Nate B and Jim Kemp did troubleshooting
      • Were parts ordered?
  • Printrbot has been down
    • Mysteriously disassembled a while back
    • Would like it to be reassembled and restored to working conditions so that we can use it at shows and cons
    • Anyone want to take point on this?
  • VMServer is installed in north cabinet, under the Full Spectrum laser engraver
    • This is no longer a place to put scrap materials
    • Please store and source scrap materials from the storage over by the Laser Zone
  • Stratasys 3D printer has been removed from its place in the Vinyl Shop and is going home with its owner
    • YAY!!!


  • Network fixed up somewhat
  • New server is in and serving things
  • It is serving things from the fab lab now

Injection Molding

no warden present

Kiln Zone

no warden present

Laser Zone

no warden present

Metal Shop

no warden present

Sky Zone

no warden present

Tool Crib

  • Thread gages found, but they were hiding

Tree House

no update

Vinyl Zone

  • nonfunctional vinyl printer is gone and zone is rearranged with more workspace

Welding Zone

  • Classes keep classing, Jody is a great teacher!
  • Exhaust blower inbound... any day now (back-order cleared, should be shipped...?)
  • Reminder to shut the gas off when you're done.
    • Request: any electronics types willing to make us some blinky lights for when the gas is on?

Wood Shop

  • Wood Shop Access
    • Large projects are frequently built in the wood shop
    • It's really hard to bring things all the way back there what with all the other zones (Tool Crib, CNC, I-frame) expanding
    • Need layout help from the board
  • Wood Shop Class tomorrow!


Action Items

no action items

Broom Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 7:59
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 27


  1. Brian McPherson
  2. Jamie Burdeski
  3. Konrad Brown
  4. Maxwell Gonyea Alexander
  5. Evan Allen
  6. Matt Huber
  7. Tom Kim
  8. Joe Zakar
  9. Steve Nowicki
  10. Greg Smith
  11. Dave Scholl
  12. Brandon Biller
  13. Matthew Gardeski
  14. James O'Dell
  15. Mike Fink
  16. Charlie Rysenga
  17. Amelia Meyer
  18. Jon Anderson
  19. David Henry
  20. Jan Henry
  21. Kevin Flory
  22. Scott Scheraga
  23. Nate Bezanson
  24. Nicole Weltman
  25. Jody "Up in a Tree" Raiford
  26. Nate "Fashionably Late" Warnick
  27. Gary "Sarasota" Morin