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Agenda for 02-17-2015

Chair: Charlie Rysenga


  • Nathan (possibly one with spiders)
  • Yajie- purdue grad! Boiler up!
  • Jody-interested in machine shop
  • Leora- welding, jewelry
  • Becky- woodworking
  • Carl- drafted into also woodworking

Show and Tell

  • New shelves for coffee maker out of old kitchen cabinets
  • Metal dice by pirate, welded

New Business

Eventbrite Non-profit registration

Point of Contact: --Charlie247

  • We can have lower fees charged by eventbrite if we register as a non-profit
  • Charlie needs to look up tax info and clean up eventbrite, working with Terry

Hack the Home Hackathon

Point of Contact: Konrad B

  • Mega Hackathon Site
  • One day hackathon in Ohio, a few hours away
  • Evan volunteers to be Team Captain! Thanks Evan!

Yuri's Night Planning

Point of Contact: Konrad B

  • Second planning meeting will be Tuesday Feb 24th at 7pm
  • Main event will be in April
  • Educational event celebrating first man in space

Maker Faire 2015

Point of Contact: Konrad B

  • Attending regular meetings with Shauna at Henry Ford Museum about MakerFaire Mondays at 4pm.
  • If someone works near Dearborn and is interested in sitting in as a substitute for Konrad, please contact him.
  • Scott Volunteers! Thanks Scott! (Now you have no choice! It's in the minutes so it's Official!)

Leather belt making Class

Point of Contact: Karianne

Pi Day Party

Point of Contact: Mike F

  • Roger made an informal announcement on the mailing lsit
  • Come eat pies on 3.14.15 at 9:26 pm
    • But what about cheesecake?
      • Basically a pie, misnamed
    • Shepherd's Pie?
      • That's not even sweet, lame
  • Share in mutual love and/or hatred of the Maths


  • Good potential for letting people know about the space
  • Editors from Gizmodo and io9 will be there
  • Scott volunteers again! Thanks again Scott!

Space Project Updates

Foyer and sign it area

  • Point of Contact - Greg
  • working on concept drawings for the whole area, should have them by the third Tuesday in March meeting.
  • Not sure what the group would really like that area to be in addition to a sign in/sign up,
  • what other elements would we like in the area. ?
  • Any board input?

Project Name/Desc Status Champion Coordinator Budget_FY15 Status Current Due Date
Tormach Grant Debate Active Ken Jim no fostering discussion TBD
reBOOT Detroit Conference and Hackathon Active Charlie NA yes I got a contract from them, I have also asked for promotional materials. TBD
Rolling Chairs Purchase Inactive Leora? Board yes Needs new Champion TBD
WDET Tabled Konrad NA yes no interest TBD
Outreach to Adult Learning Tabled Konrad NA yes no interest TBD
New Compressor Active Brian Evan yes Manuf released new products which raised prices but will honor old price, but delayed TBD
RFID for equipment Active James K na no Building Prototypes TBD
New CRM Active Justin Board not yet Seeking new champion TBD
Desks for WhiteBoard Room Active Justin Max? no unknown TBD
Red Bull MindShare Active Roger Board no Scheduled to present with Nate B on 9 Mar at 7 pm 9 Mar 2015
Parking permit 2.0 Active Nate_B Board no discussion on list, ready for proposal at meeting soon TBD
New i3 PowerSports car Inactive Jon Matt NO On hold due to budget cuts 07/15/15
Weld Zone Exhaust Active Jody Jody YES trying to get the last couple pieces, so we can get building. The big piece, the motor is here! 3/31/15
Rotary axis for Bumblebee Active Roger Mike YES Working out shipping details with Weike. 3/31/15
Outdoor sign for i3 Active Greg Board yes Moved to April 4/30/15
Printing Press Acquisition/Provisioning Active Kevin, Ashley Kevin yes Still on the lookout for an appropriate press 06/01/15
Sign in Desk Foyer Active Greg Board YES working on drawingsnot sure what the group would really like that area to be in addition to a sign in/sign up 3/15
Tying the Keypad to the CRM Inactive Evan Board no Next step is testing standalone prototype TBD
Sell Welders Done Jody Jody no Completed Finished - 11/04/14
Urinal Repair Done Nate W Board YES Completed Finished - 10/21/14
Caster Stands for Kiln Done Terry Terry YES Jody got it all welded 2/17/15
Equipment Access via the Wiki Done Jamie na NO Betas out to Coordinators Finished - 11/9/14
Server Replacement Done Evan Board yes set up and running Finished - 1/13/15
Ducting for Plasma Cutter Tabled stopped due to plasma cutter leaving


i3 MotorSports

no update


no update


no update


Jamie, Nate B, Ashley L are the Scholarship Committee
Scholarship_Program_(Retired) Wiki Page
  • Updates will be coming every month from now on by request of the Board
  • First 3 month trial term is almost over (Dec - Feb)
    • 3 recipients and they are all doing awesomely and contributing to the community and using the space well
  • Next term is March-May
  • Probably going to keep it inside i3 again for the next term
  • Application is due by Feb 28th

Dec-Feb Recipients were

  • Nicole Weltman
    • Learned a ton about welding!
    • Is working on training videos
  • Joseph Bauman
    • Laser cut wooden art, glass chandeliers, glass fired in kiln
    • Sky Zone Coordinator
  • Karianne Gottschalk
    • Leather Classes
    • Uses table space to make all the things
    • Classroom Coordinator

Yay Scholarships!

Action Items

no action items

Broom Party

Evan Volunteers to be Broom Party Champion

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:10
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 22


  1. Jamie Burdeski
  2. Jody Raiford
  3. Levi Morey
  4. Evan Allen
  5. Dave Scholl
  6. Steve Nowicki
  7. Carl Menger
  8. Becky Menger
  9. Scott Scheraga
  10. Matthew Gardeski
  11. Matt Huber
  12. Karianne Gottschalk
  13. Mike Fink
  14. Konrad Brown
  15. Yajie Wang
  16. Joey Baker
  17. Terry Wynn
  18. Amelia Meyer
  19. Charlie Rysenga
  20. Gary Morin (hangouts)
  21. Nathan Warnick (hangouts)
  22. Nate Bezanson (hangouts)