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Agenda for 03-03-2015

Chair: Brian McPherson


New Members: Jon, Chris

Show and Tell

  • Mike 3D printed a space probe: New Horizons
  • Lego 3D printed octopus out of Nylon, 1mm thick walls, very strong
  • Karianne made a teeny tiny top hat
  • Nikki made a spock pillow on the CNC embroidery machine

Old Business


Parking Permit

  • Nate wants a vote on the proposed new parking permit already.
  • People want a better organized proposal of the rule changes to go along with the paper permit change

Siemens Grant

  • We got it.
  • Way to go Konrad and Charlie.
  • Expect a new CAD terminal and shiny software soon.

New Business


  • National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics, or NACA, a precursor to NASA, which is awesome, was created 100 years ago! Hurray!

First Quarterly Pot Lock

  • When is it?
  • Let's have it be March 21st!
  • Max wants to emphasize the "cleaning" in Spring Cleaning Potlock
Action Item: Jamie - Add potlock to the google calendar

Need a new Surveillance Video Reviewer

Adrienne Patterson (membership on leave) no longer has time to serve as one of the two Membership Surveillance Video Reviewers. She has requested via email that the members approve someone else to take over that responsibility.

Max volunteers

  • Vote: unanamimous
Action Item: Jamie - update camera policy

Yuri's Night

  • See Konrad after the meeting for updates

New Chairs

  • Anyone who knows how to fix casters, contact Leora
  • Planning to buy 10-12 new chairs
  • Planning to throw out old chairs

Zone updates

Bike Zone

no update, bike zone is still in hibernation

Classroom Zone

  • We have one
  • It got bigger
  • Renovations will continue for a couple weeks, let Karianne know if you need to use the room and she'll make sure it's clean and nice

CNC Zone

  • We had a coolant pump failure which cost $800 bucks to resolve. Thanks to Patrick, the new pump is in and running.
  • Training trainers classes continue well.
  • Last Friday, we had a major overview of the training program among folks interested in the Zone. Very good debate.
  • The Zone continues to see heavy use.

Compute Zone

  • everything is OK
    • except for a potentially fatal USB mouse scare!
  • starting minecraft server, see wiki for deets
  • Marie resigns as co-warden of the compute zone

Craft Room

Added hanging space for artworks-in-progress in front hall (not blocking fire exit!)

E Lab

The good:

  • Zone hasn't collapsed yet.
  • Members are in the lab working on stuff all the time.

The bad:

  • Nobody ever posts writeups of the stuff they make.
  • Instead of emails when parts run out, I get little post-it notes in the drawer. That's not helpful -- if I can notice the note, I can notice the drawer is empty myself, thanks! I need the email because *you* noticed the drawer was empty.

The ugly:

  • The Neato vacuum was on loan to the space but I need it at home, so it's going home.
  • There are lots of Roomba vacuums under the west bench, in need of various types of repair.
  • Someone fix one, please, or the floor's gonna be pretty hideous pretty fast.
  • One of them just needs the charging FETs replaced; new parts are the SMT-crap bin.

Fab Lab

The good:

  • New filament!
    • White ABS
    • Purple ABS
    • White Nylon ("BRIDGE")
  • New resin!
    • 4L of clear
    • If you want other than clear, please ask Amelia Meyer
  • Classes:
    • Two very successful classes on the resin printer
      • More in the future on request
    • Future classes are, as always, contingent on demand
      • If you want a class and are willing to wait for it to be scheduled, contact Amelia Meyer
      • If you want a class RIGHT NAO, please contact one of the trainers listed for the equipment directly
      • If you want a class on something relevant to the zone, but not on the equipment (say, 3D CAD), contact Amelia Meyer
  • Projects:
    • Nylon prints really well. If I remember, I will bring in for Show and Tell a sample
    • Printed a Pythagoras cup for a member's son's school project
      • Remember, the Fab Lab does not charge for project help, but does require a blog post on the main page to be made detailing the project
    • Work in progress: Replacement of the plastic bushing in one of the e-room chairs
      • Had a scaling issue, need to fix

The bad:

  • Protomat is STILL down
    • If the machine is not put into service, or at least finds a champion willing to talk with the warden about its future...I may have to evict it as space is precious
  • Printrbot is STILL down
    • If the machine is not put into service, or at least finds a champion willing to talk with the warden about its future...I may have to evict it as space is precious


  • Wall removal accidentally left two outlets in the craft room disconnected
    • First attempt to repair was thwarted by an unrelated power outage
    • Second attempt is scheduled for tomorrow
  • Internet is getting a speed boost (I talked them into doubling it)
    • Also a price drop. We were renting a modem, now that we have purchased one our bill is $7 lower per month

Injection Molding

Professional repair quote costs too much (would take aprox 80% of budget on single part), anyone familiar with honing cylinders?? There is a bur in the cylinder that we will machine this weekend then further investigate the seal replacement.

Derek is working on a mold for the small molder, hopefully we will have this machined and demo'd by April 1st.

Kiln Zone

  • Large kiln has been retired for the near future.
  • Kiln #3 is up and running with computer.
  • A guest did some ceramics and owes us some pics.
  • We just placed a consumables order for all things glass.
  • Our pottery wheel is shipping in 10 days.

Laser Zone

  • Bumblebee has been added to the wiki's Equipment Access System.
    • If you're trained and have your member box set up, you should see it listed. Let Mike know if it isn't working.
  • The Laser continues to see very frequent use.
  • Please don't change hardware settings on the laser itself, unless you have a really good reason. And if so, *change them back when you're done!*

Metal Shop

  • New "Don't use aluminum" sign for grinders
  • New bin to put old bits to get sharpened
  • Usual good amount of use
  • Coordinator's going to look into fixing height adjustment on big blue mill

Sky Zone

Currently working with Murray Lighting (on 8 mile, thanks for the suggestion Nate W.), they're pretty cool. Options are:

  • New T8 Fixture with six lights for $79, sends without lights (purportedly, cost will be ~$100 when we consider 6 bulbs)
  • New T5 fixture with four lights, for ~$93, sends WITH lights
  • Used T8 fixture with three lights, designed for tile ceiling installation, for $22, probably sends without lights

Overall, we could buy all of the used fixtures, 40 in all, but then this may lead to issues with 'over loading' circuits [comment from infrastructure zone warden = we have enough overhead on most circuits for more lights, we can pull thicker wire, run more conduit, and install bigger breakers if it turns out we need to.] as we would put them on seven foot center, instead of 14. I see the best option as buying the T5 fixtures, as the upfront cost is less than that for the T8 fixtures. I would love to hear a discussion from the loudest voices on why not to do this, as it is a long-term question of increased bulb replacement cost vs efficiency gain, and the light output of six T8's versus four T5's (he indicated they were comparable).

  • The Sky Zone was used by all active members during the month of February.
  • The Sky Zone was up 100% of the month.
  • Gardeski repaired the front furnace <Good on Gardeski!>
  • No classes were offered (seeking requests, repelling, rigging, Sky Zone watching, etc.
  • I need to purchase rigging and consumables.
  • I will be requesting assistance for installation of light fixtures.
  • Could someone move the craposaurus rex away from the CNC, according to the CNC Zone Coordinator, the Sky Zone in this area is sacred and only to be used by his approval (ongoing negotiations).

Tool Crib

  • Bought New tools
    • Lots of Ratchets
    • Torque wrench
    • Ratchet Universal Joints
    • Itty bitty Screwdrivers

Tree House

  • Plans.... are in the making
    • The plot thickens
  • Jody and Max are going to put up a safety railing before March potlock
  • Max is considering Fufsacs and hammocks for the treehouse and wants to know how i3 feels emotionally about these

Vinyl Zone

  • Waiting on Lego to set up computer to be all fancy virtual machine jargon words

Welding Zone

  • People have been using it.
  • Jody's been reorganizing.
  • still trying to hoard enough round tuits to get the exhaust system up.
  • A layout table has been requested, and serious thought is going into how to make this happen.
  • There will be a meeting scheduled in March (possibly virtual) for those interested in discussing the zone's future.


24 active users in the last 30 days


Wood Shop

  • The Wood Shop continues to be one of the most active shops at i3.
  • The table saw is operational again, now that the safety brake has been replaced. The manufacturer believes that the brake triggered because the rotating blade contacted a human finger (AKA a "Finger Save"). Unfortunately, the member who was using the saw at the time has not communicated with us, so we don't know any other details of the incident.
  • Greg talked to a band saw expert at a recent woodworking event. He learned about better ways to adjust our new band saw as well as an improved type of band saw fence that we would like to obtain.
  • Please think of the members who will use the wood shop after you depart. They probably need access to the storage racks, benches and tools too. Even if you have a Parking Permit for your personal property, it's not fair or safe to leave it behind in a location that will interfere with the next person's work.

Action Items

Action ItemPOC
update camera policyJamie
Add potlock to the google calendarJamie

Broom Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:21
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 27


  1. Brian McPherson
  2. Jamie Burdeski
  3. Mike Fink
  4. Leora Bruckman
  5. Karianne Gottschalk
  6. Evan Allen
  7. Chris LaDuke
  8. James O'Dell
  9. Chris Wurtsmith
  10. Levi Morey
  11. Brandon Biller
  12. David Jewell
  13. Charlie Rysenga
  14. Carl Menger
  15. Amelia Meyer
  16. Maxwell Gonyea-Alexander
  17. Konrad Brown steals Jamie's pens
  18. Justin Triplett is not a thief
  19. Jon Douglas
  20. Steve Nowicki
  21. Dave Scholl
  22. Nicole Weltman
  23. Kevin Flory (hangouts(
  24. Matt Huber (hangouts)
  25. Matt Switlik (hangouts)
  26. Nate Bezanson (hangouts)
  27. Joseph Bauman (hangouts)