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Agenda for 03-17-2015

Chair: Charlie Rysenga


  • Paul-interested in CNC
  • Robert - interested in machine shop
  • Nicky - heard about us through hackaday
  • Dan - metalworking, plus all of the things
  • Fai - woodworking
  • Ron - woodworking
  • Maxwell - member 2 years, knows who's who
  • Jude - steampunk artist

Show and Tell

  • Scott: power glove
    • can control computer, eventually the world
  • Greg: new cash boxes for machine shop & welding zone
    • pretty gears

Old Business

New Business

Storage Strike Force

  • Meeting 3/23 7PM
  • Talking about member storage, oversize storage, all storage

Nate's Parking Permit-related standing rules change

Parking Permit-related Standing Rules:
Wording of the changes from the mailing list thread

Changes won't take place until after new permit is published.

Moved by Nate B

, Seconded by Terry
16 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS
Action Item: Nate - Finish Parking Permit in 4 days


  • Prep for penguicon, not just coding, but all the con things
  • All weekend at the Southfield Westin


  • Also this weekend!
  • Food, helping the space
  • Spring Cleaning
  • REALLY good for new members to integrate with the space!
  • Noon - 6pm

Potential Hackaday meetup

  • "Bring a hack" theme
  • Just brought up on the mailing list
  • It would be cool to emphasize that people who bring their cool projects are the kind of people we want as members
  • Tabled to the mailing list

Space Project Updates

Project Name/Desc Status Champion Coordinator Budget_FY15 Status Current Due Date
Tormach Grant Active Ken Jim no We've had two meetings so far and right now we are analyzing potential projects to write into the grant. TBD
New Compressor Active Brian Evan yes Compressor is on Order 6-8 weeks
RFID for equipment Active James K na no Building Prototypes, getting data from the Wiki & CRM 12/31/2015
New CRM Active Justin Board ??? Still in talks with Ed/Seltzer, still working on list of requirements. TBD
Desks for WhiteBoard Room Active Justin Max? no Done TBD
Parking permit 2.0 Active Nate_B Board no Voted on! TBD
Weld Zone Exhaust Active Jody Jody YES It's all down to the round tuit manufacturer... 3/31/15
Rotary axis for Bumblebee Active Roger Board YES Working out shipping details with Weike. 3/31/15
EventBrite Non-Profit Conversion DONE Charlie Board NA Finished, now we pay less fees! na
Hack the Home Hackathon Active Evan Evan YES Evan is feeling apathetic, needs a new Champion tbd
Maker Faire 2015 Active Konrad Scott S YES Presently coordinating with Konrad on visiting organizer meetings at the monthly meetings at the Henry Ford museum. 7/15
Storage Strike Force Active Matt & Terry na NO meeting on 3/23 @7pm tbd
Yuri's Night Active Konrad Board YES It's happening April 11th 5-9pm. There is a meeting on Tuesday the 24th at 7pm, also an eventbrite event and blog post! 4/24
Penguicon Coord Active Scott S na NO Scott briefly discussed with Matt Arnold about inviting Gizmodo and io9 lead editors to visit i3, around the time of the convention. Idea was officially posed to the convention committee, and the committee itself invited Gizmodo and io9 to visit i3. Currently waiting on response, will follow up with Matt in a few days. tbd
Forklift & Air Compressor Active Evan Board The Forklift and Air compressor are currently on craigslist, will lower price in a week if there's no interest. There's been a few bites at least. tbd
Coord with SME Active Charlie Board NO Charlie - I will follow up with ted on this. tbd
Classroom Wall Active Karianne & Jamie Karianne YES Draft and send an email and blog post about what was, what is, and what will be for the new classroom zone. 3/15
Siemens Grant Active Charlie Board YES Expect a new CAD terminal and shiny software (SolidEdge) soon, also a professional trainer and a 4-class series. 9/15
Update Camera Policy Active Jamie Board YES Jamie does not remember being the champion, Terry takes over, forms a strike force! tbd
Outdoor sign for i3 Active Greg Board yes Moved to April 4/30/15
Printing Press Acquisition/Provisioning Active Kevin, Ashley Kevin yes On hold, still searching for a suitable press. 06/01/15
Sign in Desk Foyer Active Greg Board YES working on drawings, not sure what the group would really like that area to be in addition to a sign in/sign up. Greg will make a questionaire. 3/15
Tying the Keypad to the CRM Inactive Evan Board no need code to tie into CRM TBD
New i3 PowerSports car Inactive Jon Matt NO Hold due to budget cuts 07/15/15
Rolling Chairs Purchase Done Leora Board yes Has new Champion TBD
Red Bull MindShare Done Roger Board no Red Bull MS happened. Met the new rep. May have RB soon. 9 Mar 2015
Sell Welders Done Jody Jody no Completed Finished - 11/04/14
Urinal Repair Done Nate W Board YES Completed Finished - 10/21/14
Caster Stands for Kiln Done Terry Terry YES Jody got it all welded 2/17/15
Equipment Access via the Wiki Done Jamie na NO Betas out to Coordinators Finished - 11/9/14
Server Replacement Done Evan Board yes set up and running Finished - 1/13/15
reBOOT Detroit Conference and Hackathon Tabled Charlie NA yes Abandoned, not worth the effort. TBD
WDET Tabled Konrad NA yes no interest TBD
Outreach to Adult Learning Tabled Konrad NA yes no interest TBD
Ducting for Plasma Cutter Tabled stopped due to plasma cutter leaving


i3 MotorSports







  • New 3 mo. term started, March - May
  • 4 participants this time
    • Nikki Weltman
    • Joseph Bauman
    • Karianne Gottschalk
    • Maxwell Gonyea-Alexander

Action Items

no action items


ProposalMoved BySeconded ByAyeNayResult
Parking Permit-related Standing Rules:
Wording of the changes from the mailing list thread

Changes won't take place until after new permit is published.
Nate BTerry160PASS

Broom Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:16 pm
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 25


  1. Charlie Rysenga
  2. Jamie Burdeski
  3. Robert Stein
  4. Paul Stein
  5. Jacob Powers
  6. Ron Knockeart
  7. Fai foen
  8. Judy Sullivan
  9. Dan Shephard
  10. Nicole Weltman
  11. Brad Tarrett
  12. Justin Triplett
  13. Maxwell Gonyea-Alexander
  14. Nick Andersen
  15. Greg Smith
  16. Mike Fink
  17. Scott Scheraga
  18. Terry Wynn
  19. Evan Allen
  20. Joseph "SAD" Bauman
  21. Matt Arnold
  22. Nate Bezanson (Hangouts)
  23. Matt Gardeski (Hangouts)
  24. Jody Raiford (Hangouts)
  25. Gary Morin (Hangouts)