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Agenda for 04-07-2015

Chair: Charlemange Rysenga


  • A herd of new people appeared!

Show and Tell

  • Nikki made a D&D dice roller and screen
  • Charlie made max dinner. It had lots of olives and was delicious

Old Business

New Business

We should set Potlock Date Now!

  • But we just did one, whahahahahaha
  • Yeah ok, we should probably do that.
  • Maybe right before Maker Faire so the space is pretty
  • But now too close to Maker Faire!

Summer Potlock: 6/13/2015

Yuri's Night Saturday April 11th

Point of Contact: Konrad B

  • Space themed events, demonstrations
  • Setup at 3PM on Saturday
    • We may need some more help with completing some of the setup, contact Konrad if you're available to help Saturday afternoon
  • Main event 5PM to 9PM
    • Family Friendly
  • After Party? Bring snacks!
    • Not as Family Friendly

Anyone finishing projects and demos for Yuri's night, see Konrad if you need help

Particle Physics Update

  • Both beams at the Large Hadron Collider are up and running again after a 2 year hiatus!

Zone updates

Bike Zone

  • spring dun sprung
  • Be courteous about cleaning up after your bike and not leaving it around forever, lots of people use
  • Anyone interested in doing the alley cat bike race?
    • Could make an i3 group to go

Classroom Zone

  • Karianne is waiting on reimbursement before starting painting the classroom
  • Structural Engineering firm was brought in to make sure that the remaining structure in the front is OK
    • Everything is safe
    • We're still waiting on the report

CNC Zone

  • Lots of activity in the CNC zone, many users
  • Fridays are semi-regular training nights
  • ShopBot (wood router) is a good little machine to learn on
    • It is owned by a member (Steve N), but he wants the machine to be used by other members and is happy to help people learn how to use it
  • We won a grant!!!
    • EDSFUND Tormach grant
    • $5400+ award to buy a new CNC (much smaller than the HAAS)
    • i3 has to raise the other $8000 to buy it

Compute Zone

  • Minecraft update: servers are up and running and being well used
  • "Classes" - look for them coming up soon
  • Whiteboard room

Craft Room

  • Kevin has been unable to make it out to the space much, but Max has been keeping the clutter under control
  • Kevin will be back soon
  • Craft room is still as crafty as always

E Lab

  • Nate won a sweepstakes and got like 30k in E-lab equipment from KeySight that should be arriving this weekend!
    • Nate hates taxes
    • All the stuff is thusly donated to i3

Fab Lab

  • Rostock MAX training class coming up
    • Still 1 ticket left
    • Drop-ins welcome as long as there room
  • Protomat and Printrbot are still down
    • Some volunteers to work on Protomat have come forward
      • Probably will add to space-project list to prompt action
    • No volunteers for Printrbot :-(
    • Final warning on Printrbot, it may leave the space if no one shows interes


  • New Air Compressor
    • Brian McPherson paid for a lot of it out of pocket and is looking for contributions/donations to offset his cost
    • Serial number is 001.... they seem to still be working out some kinks... like the directions of arrows
    • Manual is up on the i3 Data Vault
Action Item: Evan - Put simple usage instructions on/near the new air compressor, and update the shut-down procedures to include it

Injection Molding

  • Starting to make molds for i3 logo keychain
  • Bring keychains to Maker Faire?
    • Bring injection molder to Maker Faire??

Kiln Zone

  • Kiln #3 is up and running with computer.
  • Received a consumables order for all things glass.
  • Our pottery wheel is HERE (but not unpacked yet).

Laser Zone

  • Had several small/on demand classes
  • Will be sending out a Whenisgood soon for future classes
  • Please change settings back if you change them.
  • Swit is working on getting us a free copy of Sketchup Pro to help teach a class on

Metal Shop

  • There's a big air compressor taking up all the space
  • Fixed the big blue pedestal during potlock, props to Ted. It's now running really well

Sky Zone

  • Has been up 100% of the month of March.
    • Grooooooaaaaaaannnnnn
  • Awaiting response from Jim Kemp on how he plans to run his Hg or Na lamps over the CNC (because, like duuuuude, that will push around my light hanging grid).

Tool Crib

  • Charlie's not dead yet.
  • We sold a redundant tool. Made cash.
  • Still working on rearranging some things- PPE, fasteners
  • Planning to get a better first aid kit(s)

Tree House

  • Max did laundry

Vinyl Zone

no update

Welding Zone

  • Offered a few classes, one was cancelled due to low interest and illness
  • intro welding, art welding+plasma cutter, intermediate welding
  • intro classes were the most requested
  • Very important to fill out the whenisgood so that you can make it to the class you want to go to


  • 18 active users in the last 30 days
    • 6 less than last month
    • If this trend continues, we will have negative wiki activity by Maker Faire. I blame the LHC.
  • Virtual Graveyard saw a lot of updates
  • Form:Equipment is now active-edit all equipment pages with a form
    • More user-friendly
    • Equipment Access integrated into main equipment page
    • Jamie will send out more details to the list and set up a time to go over it
  • Wiki wine workshop this weekend is cancelled due to Yuri's night

Wood Shop

  • Built new stand for the lathe, we have collected $550 out of $800 needed for a new Midi lathe (Jet 1221)
  • Need to reconnect over head cord reel, or is there a problem?
  • Added Suggestions Line on wood shop page, feel free to add stuff

Action Items

Action ItemPOC
Put simple usage instructions on/near the new air compressor, and update the shut-down procedures to include itEvan


ProposalMoved BySeconded ByAyeNayResult

Broom Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:31
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 34


  1. Jamie Burdeski
  2. Charlie Rysenga
  3. Joseph Bauman
  4. Justin Triplett
  5. Walter B Rutherford Bezanson
  6. Thomas Trahey
  7. Thomas Sulecki
  8. Jeremy Noble
  9. Matthew Lawless
  10. Ron Knockeart
  11. Jam Henry
  12. David Henry
  13. Evan Allen
  14. Brandon Biller
  15. Joe Szacon
  16. Amelia Meyer
  17. Matthew Gadeski
  18. Dave Scholl
  19. Camila Duark
  20. Fai Foen
  21. Yolanda Nicholas
  22. Matt Huber
  23. Maxwell Gonyea-Alexander
  24. Konrad Brown
  25. Dan Shepard
  26. Scott Scheraga
  27. Yajie Wang
  28. Greg Smith
  29. Matt Switlik
  30. Jody the
  31. Chase Peterson
  32. Nicole Weltman
  33. James O'Dell
  34. Levi Morey