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Agenda for 04-21-2015

Chair: Charlie Rysenga COWBELL @7:32pm \o/


Theo, David, Jessica, Hester, Ryan

Show and Tell

Konrad made an airplane with the foam packaging from the new pottery wheel

Old Business

Air Compressor

  • Put simple usage instructions on/near the new air compressor, and update the shut-down procedures to include it Evan

Intalled, functional, and rusimentarily labelled

New Business

Proposed Special Member Dues Pricing

General Members will have the option of a bulk buy of 12 months of dues for a one time payment of 11 month's dues. This is for both the voting and the non-voting members. If passed this offer will go into effect immediately.


12 months of Voting Membership dues for a one time payment of $49 x 11 = $539.

There is no expiration date for this offer.

In the event of a refund in the Nth month of 12, then the 12th month is to be considered the free month and refunds would be given up through the 11th month times the normal monthly rate.

Implement yearly dues package
Moved by Terry, Seconded by Second
13 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS

Proposed i3 Supreme Dictator

  • Have unlimited power
  • lifetime position
  • Half of dues collected are paid as salary.
  • I nominate Mike Fink as Dictator

// Motiond dismissed as being too silly for i3

Maker Faire Planning

Happens end of july must submit projects individually in call to makers, but when applying mention that you're in the i3 tent if you plan to be part of the i3 group space

Mystery pocket scale

Andrew discovered a new scale in fablab, it's from elab cleaning per nateb

Space Project Updates

Project Name/Desc Status Champion Coordinator Budget_FY15 Status Current Due Date
Tormach Grant Active Ken & Konrad Jim no We've had two meetings so far and right now we are analyzing potential projects to write into the grant. // Need to start fundraising TBD
RFID for equipment Active James K na no Building Prototypes 12/31/2015
New CRM Active Justin Board ??? unknown TBD
Desks for WhiteBoard Room Active Justin Max? no unknown TBD
Parking permit 2.0 Active Nate_B Board no discussion on list TBD
Weld Zone Exhaust Active Jody Jody YES It's all down to the round tuit manufacturer... 3/31/15
Rotary axis for Bumblebee Active Roger Board YES The cost of shopping seems daunting. They want $600 for the two rotary tools and $240 for DHL shipping. tbd
Maker Faire 2015 Active Konrad Scott S YES Presently coordinating with Konrad on visiting organizer meetings at the monthly meetings at the Henry Ford museum. 7/15
Storage Strike Force Active Matt & Terry na NO Strike Force met. Proposal to GM in May May
Yuri's Night Done Konrad Board YES Went off GREAT. 4/24
Forklift & Air Compressor Done Evan Board SOLD Mar
Coord with SME Active Charlie Board NO Charlie - I will follow up with ted on this. tbd
Classroom Wall Active Matt and NateB Karianne YES Post to Member List. More to come May
Siemens Grant Active Charlie Board YES Expect a new CAD terminal and shiny software soon 9/15
Update Camera Policy Active Terry Board YES CCTV Team met and will provide proposal to GM in May May
Outdoor sign for i3 Active Greg Board yes Moved to April 4/30/15
Printing Press Acquisition/Provisioning Active Kevin, Ashley Kevin yes On hold, still searching for a suitable press. 06/01/15
Sign in Desk Foyer Active Greg Board YES working on drawingsnot sure what the group would really like that area to be in addition to a sign in/sign up 3/15
Tying the Keypad to the CRM Inactive Evan Board no need code to tie into CRM TBD
New i3 PowerSports car Inactive Jon Matt NO Hold due to budget cuts 07/15/15
Rolling Chairs Purchase Done Leora Board yes Has new Champion TBD
New Compressor Done Brian Evan yes Compressor on Order 6-8 weeks
EventBrite Non-Profit Conversion Done Charlie Board NA Finished na
Red Bull MindShare Done Roger Board no Red Bull MS happened. Met the new rep. May have RB soon. 9 Mar 2015
Sell Welders Done Jody Jody no Completed Finished - 11/04/14
Urinal Repair Done Nate W Board YES Completed Finished - 10/21/14
Caster Stands for Kiln Done Terry Terry YES Jody got it all welded 2/17/15
Equipment Access via the Wiki Done Jamie na NO Betas out to Coordinators Finished - 11/9/14
Server Replacement Done Evan Board yes set up and running Finished - 1/13/15
reBOOT Detroit Conference and Hackathon Tabled Charlie NA yes Abandoned, not worth the effort. TBD
WDET Tabled Konrad NA yes no interest TBD
Outreach to Adult Learning Tabled Konrad NA yes no interest TBD
Penguicon Coord Tabled Scott S na NO Spoke with Matt Arnold. No response from Gizmodo or Io9. Issue closed. tbd
Hack the Home Hackathon Tabled Evan Evan YES Evan volunteers to be Team Captain! Thanks Evan!. tbd
Ducting for Plasma Cutter Tabled stopped due to plasma cutter leaving


i3 MotorSports

- matt reclaiming grand pumba spot, plan is to get #3 working by makerfair


- Matt has retaken grand pumba - meetups are on 4th tuesday


- given earlier


-no updates from germany

-Joseph Baumann has been up to no good.

  • Loosely associated with Yuri's Night Planning
  • Loosely associated with ChronoVision for MakerFaire
  • Planning to work on arcade console with Evan for MakerFaire (poke poke)
  • Coordinated class for Vacuum Former, lead by John Sugg, currently working toward follow up class for those unable to attend.
  • Took first part of Laser Cutter Training, needs to schedule follow up for certification
  • Took 'Using the Jointer, Planer and Saw to make Dimensioned Boards' with Greg Smith, have since enjoyed the pleasures of planing rough cut boards (similar satisfaction to cutting straight lines in a well maintained lawn).
  • Awaiting parts for non-engine repairs to motorcycle.
  • Preliminary investigation of 3D Printer Resin indicates a mixture, containing at least polyurethane as a base... I'll look deeper into it when I have less important things to science.
  • I'll think of more...

Last Minute Items


Editors of i09 and gizmodo will be at i3 on friday morning Chase volunteered to shuttle them Any additional members to help with the tour would be helpful



Broom Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:
  • Funds appropriated:
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Action Items

no action items yet, Charlie.


ProposalMoved BySeconded ByAyeNayResult
Implement yearly dues packageTerrySecond130PASS