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Agenda for 05-05-2015

Chair: Charlie Rysenga

Broom Party

New time! Most successful broom party ever!


  • A Levi has re-appeared from the abyss of work and life.
  • Tyler - works with Nate
  • Thad- interested in CNC/wood router
  • Adam - returned from the frigid north
  • Greg - visiting since hackaday party
  • Evan - had a party (has friends?), recently "acquired" a new powerwheels
  • Ryan - went to Central Michigan, heard about us from louisville?
  • Reed - electronics
  • Vern - works with Chris Allington, woodworking and all the things

Show and Tell

  • The front door frame got an unplanned structural improvement
    • Was mostly paint. Structural paint.
  • Another one of Greg's Famous Flipboxes for the woodshop

Old Business

Siemens Grant Update

  • Still attempting to take their money.
  • We have an event planned for june 11th
    • Details still being resolved but it is looking like a Henry Ford/Siemens event at our space.

Editors from Gizmodo & io9 Visited!!

  • Annalee Newitz and Charlie Jane Anders visited the space on April 24th!
  • Tour went Great! Currently trying to get T-Shirts to them -Scott Scheraga

New Business

Package from Red Bull Arrived

  • They are sponsoring an art competition
    • Many categories, but especially art installation and digital art
    • Deadline is June 15th
    • Use Red Bull cans as the medium

Zone updates

Bike Zone

no updates

CNC Zone

  • First round trainees are almost ready to graduate as HAAS operators.
  • New batch of students will start soon. Classes will move to Thursday instead of Friday.
  • Derek installed a replacement air regulator which fixed the nagging leak.
  • Planning on hanging one of the overhead lamps between the pallet changer and Orange router. Will reserve the second lamp for the Tormach.
  • Plan to schedule a cleaning day (probably a Saturday) to spring clean the CNC area.

Compute Zone

no updates

Craft Room

  • Embroidery Machine needs to go in to the shop for maintenance, so it will be out of the shop for a week or so
  • Liz made a really cool skirt that has like a million logos on it that were all made with the embroidery machine

E Lab

  • New Oscilloscope is fancy
  • E-lab survey posted on the mailing list, please respond with your opinions!

Fab Lab

Class planned for the resin printer at some point soon

  • Whenisgood
  • Anyone who wants to be a trainer to help ease my burden, please consider attending so I can certify you (there are only 2 and lots of interest)

Brandon Biller (who is not yet using the new member infobox ;-P) has taken charge of the Protomat restoration!

Matthew Huber has taken charge of the Printrbot rebuild!

  • This machine is currently out of the space so he can rebuild it

Full Spectrum Laser Cutter is now using shop air for air-assist

  • No more noisy compressor in the Fab Lab!
  • More effective!
  • Ask if you need help with the new system
  • If you disconnect the airline supplying the machine (for example, because you are cutting something that does not need air-assist like paper), please remember to reconnect it!

Please email Amelia Meyer with requests for classes


New Air Compressor

  • planning is being put into running bigger air line for the new air compressor
  • filter is replaced, also first months maintenance
  • looking at getting bigger pipe to reduce bottlenecks around the shop

Lighting upgrade is still in progress in collaboration with the sky zone

Injection Molding

Working on prototype of i3 keychain

  • First Draft - Thanks to Derek


Kiln Zone

Pottery class possible in June/July. More details to come.

Laser Zone

Now have acrylic glue/solvent! Use sparingly with applicator. It's very thin and runs easily.

  • Dissolves acrylic and resolidifies it, like an acrylic "weld"

Auto-focus probe electronics broke (hall effect sensor)

  • Current plan is to not repair it since it was unreliable
  • Focus with the yellow manual focus gauge
  • Avoid using the Z -> Datum function. Considering disabling the Datum function altogether.

Metal Shop

Searching for a good flap wall to go between wood shop and metal shop

Sky Zone

The Sky Zone was up 100% of April.

  • Joseph should consider himself chastised for terrible puns.

Tool Crib

Restocked the dust masks.

  • Now asking for $1 ea donation.
  • They're really not reusable... because that's gross.

Added Brand new safety glasses to the vending machine.

  • Now you can buy a set that has never touched anyone else's grody face.
  • Price not set yetm naybe $0.50? $1.00?

Bought a couple new disposable hand tools

Looking for a good deal on a nice hole saw set

  • NOT the harbor freight chineeseium.

Hardware section is moved to under the workbenches for now until better shelves are made

Tree House

Max did laundry on the sheets that cover the couches

Vinyl Zone

Giving Finals this week and next then the semester is over and I will return to being at i3 every once in a while.

Welding Zone

People are welding, and other things... but not cleaning up very well...

  • Just sweep up all of your dust, floor and table

Would a shop vac (with appropriate filters) help you to clean up after yourselves?


Wiki Wine Weekend Workshop is this Friday (5/8) at 7pm!

Active Wiki Users

  • 18 active users in the last 30 days (same as last month)
  • Most active (non-Jamie) member: Tied between Amelia Meyer and Matt Huber
  • Honorable mention: New member Theo Crossen for noticing that something needed updating and updating it! (HOWTO_Close_up_the_space)

New Pages this month:

Pages that got major updates

Pages that need help!

Upcoming maintenance

Wood Shop


  • The bandsaw is out of order till tomorrow which is Thursday
  • the blade broke and Greg thought he had some but you have to buy one tomorrow morning also we have a new glue brush box for the small throw away glue brush.
  • The person who broke it did a good job of emailing right away to save time in fixing the problem


Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:24
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 28

Action Items

no action items yet, Charlie.


no action items yet, Charlie.


  1. Charlie Rysenga
  2. Jamie Burdeski
  3. Evan Allen
  4. Levi Morey
  5. Greg Smith
  6. Konrad Brown
  7. Kevin "il Magnifico" Flory
  8. Mike Fink
  9. Paul Frick
  10. Adam "Raoul" Scholl
  11. Dave Scholl
  12. Chris Allington
  13. Vern Siple
  14. Reed Paskvan
  15. Ryan Wallis
  16. Matt Huber
  17. James O'Dell
  18. Steve Nowicki
  19. Don O'Connor
  20. Brad Tarratt
  21. Amelia Meyer
  22. Tyler McCardell
  23. Jody Raiford
  24. Samantha Letvin
  25. Ben Dunshee
  26. Scott Scheraga (Hangouts)
  27. David Henry (Hangouts)
  28. Matt Gardeski (Hangouts)