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Agenda for 08-04-2015

Chair: Justin Triplett


  • Alyssa-been in detroit for 4 days, wants to make things with Arduinos and Stuff
  • Jon-thinks we're "cool", wants to CNC Stuff
  • Corey- boring person undeserving of introductions, but he brought donuts!

Show and Tell

  • Kevin showed off a painting
  • Jamie has super weird, inexplicable, watermelon-flavored cookies
  • Lego showed off new goodies from SeeMeCNC
  • Matt Arnold showed off the ColliderScribe plugin for illustrator, also the use of Google Deep Dream to make pretty backgrounds with basically no effort
  • Nico showed off his new product for his modular synthesizer company, called "OmniMod", he's getting ready to approve prototypes and go into beta testing

Old Business

Maker Faire After party

  • Maddy wants to thank people
    • Sam Letvin, Evan A, Matt G, Nate B, Nate W, Jesse N, Chris P, Joseph B, Vivian W are all awesome people that did a lot of work to get the party going!
  • We took in $1001.45 in donations!!
    • we made $1.45 on the party!! (after $1000 budgetted)

New Business

Arduino Workshop

Sunday, August 16, 2015, 2-5 pm at i3 Detroit


  • Basic Motor Control
  • Introduction to PWM
  • Introduction to the Arduino hardware and software
  • Public is welcome

Contact: James O'Dell


Christmas in August

Proposal: One time offer.

For those who sign up for subscription dues payments (Paypal or Amazon) and keep the subscription thru the December 2015 payment, i3 will refund their December payment on December 25, 2015. Free December. Offer starts right......NOW!. And ends 8/31/15. Champion-Terry W
Moved by Justin; Seconded by Evan
16 Ayes / 2 Nays
Result: PASS


  • Nominations for the board of directors are open right now!
  • Election will be Tuesday, September 1st
  • Secretary will send out an email to -announce tonight

Battle Boats

  • Battle Boats is going to DIY Faire
  • It got 2 blue ribbons at Maker Faire
  • They got it working sort of during the last day, so yay!
  • The team met after maker faire to talk about future places and things to do

Making i3 Handicapped-Accessible

  • Someone visited the space but didn't join because the space wasn't handicapped-accessible
  • The biggest problem was the bathroom not being accessible, so maybe we should seriously consider a bathroom renovation
  • Charlie has done some legwork on bathroom remodeling

Zone updates

Bike Zone

  • Konrad, Adam, and Justin are discussing possible workshops.
  • We've been asking for member input on the mailing list, please feel free to make further suggestions.
  • Possible survey forthcoming.


  • Current classroom warden is Karianne, but she's busy in California being on TV
  • Matt Arnold and Lucas del Castillo
  • They want to coordinate with Greg and the remodeling
  • They also want to organize scheduling events

CNC Zone

  • There are 4 Students who have passed through 3A level testing
  • New class starts in the fall
  • We have accumulated a vast amount of material on the Wiki

Compute Zone

Everything is Awesome, because we are part of a team.

  • Our Raspberry Pi 2, is being lent to the HAM SIG for testing PSKmail at the HAM station in the eLab. If you are Otherwise interested in working with it, let me know and we can work it out, no problem.


  • lots of activity on the various slack channels, on things like maker faire planning, discussing floor plan, so many other things
  • If you need an invite, see Justin T

Craft Room

  • Craft Room was very well-used before Maker Faire
  • The gallery had many participants, Kevin thanks everyone who contributed

E Lab

Steady as she goes

  • Tom was awesome and helped the roomba navigate around bins and make the floor spotless

Fab Lab

  • new Filabox to keep filament dry, especially useful in summer months to keep plastics from absorbing humidity
  • FS Laser has shop air plumbed in by default as soon as it turns it on
    • If you don't want air, you can disconnect the regulator from the supply hose to turn it off, but do not mess with the regulator itself. Air pressure higher than 30 psi will explode the lens.


  • air lines are patched together by multiple people at multiple quality levels
  • air compressor auto drain interval is a bit less frequent
  • air compressor is a bit less needy about the air (now it drops back all the way to 100psi before kicking back on
    • slightly less annoying, uses slightly less power
  • air line run to laser zone (what is the recommended pressure or air flow, how does a user know what is correct)

Injection Molding

Derek is working on making an i3 keychain mold for the injection molder

Jewelry Zone

We now have a jewelry zone, it is currently being prepared for use

Kiln Zone

August Pottery Classes tentative. Keep tuned.

Laser Zone

  • new air plumbing installed
  • procedure now changed to require the main compressor to be on
    • No longer turn on the tiny air compressor on via the power strip
  • regulator recommended below 40psi
  • the T fitting and and plug after the valve allow for other bottled gasses to be used, like
    • argon for laser welding
    • oxygen for cutting thicker metal
    • clear it with the warden first that it won't damage the laser or tubing
  • laser re-leveled

With shop air, the laser can do magical things!

  • laser has been used to cut metal!
  • laser has also been used to cut through 1/2" plywood!

Metal Shop

no news

Sky Zone

no news

Tool Crib

no news

Tree House

Tree house is doing well, there has been some cleanup and there are now pretty cloud lanterns

White Board Room

  • What do we want to do with it??
  • We sort of had a direction before, but maybe we want to switch directions
  • Nico suggests making it a multimedia editing room, acoustically separated from the noise of the shop
    • Nate: For acoustical padding- need to keep in mind building codes- what is a structure and what is technically furniture
  • Nico brings up the possibility of getting a license for Adobe Creative Suite
    • Nate cautions that shared computers at i3 tends to accumulate crap

Vinyl Zone

Marie-Therese is interested in stepping down as Zone Coordinator and is looking for a replacement

  • Matt has volunteered to replace her

Welding Zone

no news


  • quiet month in the wiki
  • 17 Active users in the last 30 days (down from 27 last month)
  • Wiki Wine Workshops may be resuming soon if there's enough interest

Highlights of the last month

Some things you could do on the wiki this month

  • Document your maker faire project - the wiki is a great way to add as much or as little as you want about your project!
  • Document what the maker faire/afterparty experience was like on the Maker Faire 2015 page! Write down lessons learned and things you wish you'd remembered about last year.

Wood Shop

  • Wood shop report 8/3/15
  • New tools have been added, several clamps have been added both bar type and Quick Clamps in order to phase out the cheap Harbor Freight clamps
  • We have added a new scroll chuck for the lathe and a polycarbonate lens face shield for the area, please do not be remove it from the wood shop as is it a specialty item.


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:
  • Funds appropriated:
  • Attendees:

Action Items

no action items yet, Charlie.


ProposalMoved BySeconded ByAyeNayResult
For those who sign up for subscription dues payments (Paypal or Amazon) and keep the subscription thru the December 2015 payment, i3 will refund their December payment on December 25, 2015. Free December. Offer starts right......NOW!. And ends 8/31/15. Champion-Terry WJustinEvan162PASS


  1. Jamie Burdeski
  2. Evan Allen
  3. Konrad Brown
  4. Justin Triplett
  5. Maxwell Gonyea-Alexander
  6. Maddy Winans
  7. David Scholl
  8. Rob Lifton
  9. Sam Letvin
  10. Alyssa Keil
  11. Nico Raftis III
  12. Matt Huber
  13. Matt Arnold
  14. Nate Bezanson
  15. David Henry
  16. Jan Henry
  17. James O'Dell
  18. Jon Williams
  19. Corey Tebo
  20. Amelia Meyer
  21. Kevin Flory
  22. Steve Nowicki