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Agenda for 12-15-2015

Chair: Charlie Rysenga 7:32 pm


Experienced Members

  • Jody Raford - Welding Zone coordinator.

New Members & Guests

  • Allissa. Stylist Fashion design.
  • Danny - Cosplay armor
  • Lindsay - Performance Artist / Jewlery
  • Vanessa - Kiln zone, ceramics.

Show and Tell

  • Last Friday, i3 hosted the 4H Mentors
    • Good contacts were made
    • Future speakers were found
    • Mentors toured i3 and were introduced to our space and people
    • Mentors worked on hands on projects, including custom glassware using vinyl and sand blasting and cookie decorations
    • The 4H crew brought a home made hover board which some of our members had a chance to try
    • Our guests were very impressed
    • If you would like to become a mentor, please contact Charlie or myself for more information
    • Steve N. is a former mentor, feel free to contact if you would like more information.
  • Last Friday, i3 members went to Ohio to make Lichtenberg figures
    • Lots of fun
    • Pretty things
    • Making art with high-powered high-tech equipment
  • Brad got a Leather bound journal made by Niki for his birthday.
  • Wood holder for the Lichtenberg sphere.
  • Jamie knitted a hat designed based on a Chrysanthemum.
  • Danny - Working on a halo reach sniper rifle laser cut wood and PVC. Also working on a fiberglass helmet.
  • Lindsay - Chain mail oven gloves.

Old Business

  • Tin foil hat night for New Year's Eve at i3 starting at 8 pm.

New Business

Board Update - Inaugural Budget Edition

POC: Mike Fink

2016 Budget was approved last Saturday, 12/12/15.

  • Total budget of about $90,000 for everything
    • About half of that is budgeted for zones, infrastructure, & space improvements.
    • The other half goes for rent and utilities.
  • The largest single zone budget ($7000) is for the metal shop for long overdue upgrades, including a good, new vertical band saw and replacing the Bridgeport
  • About $7000 for infrastructure improvements like new front door and putting more awesome light fixtures in the west side of the shop
  • Zones around $3000
    • Classroom for finishing renovation and furnishings
    • Kiln zone to revamp with a more versatile, user friendly glass kiln
    • Wood Shop for new drum sander and general upkeep
  • ~$2000
    • CNC Zone - One highlight is getting a someone to show us how to maintain professional maintain the Haas
    • Injection Molding will build on the awesome work Thad's done so far this year
    • Jewlery Zone is getting a rolling mill based on feedback from other jewelry-making groups in the area
  • The remaining 10 zones average of ~$750
    • Many of these are running pretty self-sufficiently, thanks to members contributing for materials and equipment use.
    • Desktop 3d scanner for fab lab
    • Media lab equipment
    • New computer and software for Vinyl Zone

Zone updates

Bike Zone

  • n/a


My apologies that I need to miss the meeting. Here is my report. -Matt A

  • Resumption of occupancy is roughly estimated between January 17 and January 31 of 2016.
  • Classroom TV was dropped from the budget.
  • Terry Wynn is adding studs to the walls and preparing for the drywall.
  • The window from the classroom to the common area will be dry-walled over for soundproofing.
  • Terry is shopping for acoustic ceiling panels.
  • Greg Smith finished up the security circuit. A coil of wire above the 4 gang box runs to the panel.
  • Greg moved the emergency light to a wall mount.

CNC Zone

  • n/a

Compute Zone

  • The Compute Zone PC is not working; I am investigating the issue.

Craft Room

Contact: Kevin

  • Apologies; not physically present.
    • Please read entries for me.
    • I'll be listening, but to avoid nasty feedback, I'll be typing answers to any questions. Please watch meeting chat when asking.
  • Looking for embroiderers, sew-ers: I need students for one-on-one Friday/Sunday sessions. Mail me directly or watch for class announcement.

E Lab

  • Remember that sweet prize pack of lab instruments? It just got sweeter.
    • Some social-media attention got Keysight to enable ALL the options.
    • That's a $2750 bundle of options and a $500 spectrum-analyzer license, for $0.
  • In other news, the missing multi-meters have wandered back. Terry/David found one, not sure who located the other.
    • Thank you, both! And please, if you see e-lab stuff around the space, wander it back into the lab.
    • The zone color is YELLOW. I'm gonna put a bunch of effort into labeling more things during my upcoming vacation.

Fab Lab

  • Budget approved for shiny toys:
    • 3D scanner
    • Filament dry boxes
      • Soliciting people to reverse-engineer the FilaBox we have in the lab, more details in Filament Dry Box Challenge.
        • Goal is a feature-matched design which can be manufactured in-house for $30, instead of the FilaBox' $60
      • If such has not happened by 2016-01-31, assuming FilaBot has stock, (5) more FilaBoxes will be ordered
  • Training Policy
    • Effective 2016-01-01, the Fab Lab will expect trainers in the zone to train at least one new person on said equipment per quarter.
      • Trainers who have done so will get public recognition.
      • Trainers who have not done so may have their trainer status revoked.
    • The goal is to offload some of the training load from the zone coordinator...


  • New LED exit sign over the front door, change rechargeable batteries in 2024.
  • New LED emergency lights to go over the laser zone at next pot lock, change rechargeable batteries in 2024.
  • New bathroom vent, no longer blows shop air in. Does what you would expect, blows air out and is quieter/more efficient. Plaster work is being completed to make it look nicer.
  • Any offer to lend a hand over the holiday break most of us have from work would be helpful, some money did get allocated to the contents of the Infrastructure_ToDo
  • Effort is being put toward finishing the classroom.
  • Bathroom vent is being replaced so that it works.
  • Classroom wiring is in process.

Injection Molding

Updates from Thad:

  1. A safety switch for the small machines is first priority
  2. Getting a water temperature circulator with controller so the molding machines and molds can run at controlled temperatures is high on the list.
  3. Now that the hydraulics are in working order on the large machine the controls will be evaluated for function and assessed for durability. Possibly go with a PLC. Charlie R. and Evan have offered to help! Thanks!
  4. First set of machined mold inserts from a new supplier are due in tomorrow. Having a low cost cnc machine source locally is a game changer. Of course doing the CNC work at i3 is great but not all people know how or want to do the work themselves.
  5. Clean up and organization of the zone will continue
  6. 1st orientation class is Jan 28th. Will work on getting the word out.

Jewelry Zone

  • Will post on Eventbrite a second offering of the twist bracelet class for early January and a part two pendant/key fob class for the end of January.
  • If you want to be certified on the jewelry kiln, foredom rotary tool and/or air acetylene torch, please contact Leora at jewelry@i3detroit.org.

Kiln Zone

  • A first draft of the Kiln Zone reorganization is on the Kiln Zone channel of Slack. Check it out and offer suggestions and/or comments.
  • Working with Kiln Frog to get a good deal on the new glass kiln. Will probably involve a road trip to the Evenheat factory, north of Flint.

Laser Zone

  • Bumblebee now has an automatic air assist installed. No more need to manually open the valve on the wall. See mailing list or sign by the air valve for details.
  • New 33 inch strip heater should be here by the weekend. It's just like the old one, but longer.
  • Bumblebee y-axis slipped again on 12/14. Same issue as back in September, will try to get it fixed by the end of the week. Use Wolverine in the meantime.
  • Mike and Terry have completed additional training sessions.

Media Lab

  • n/a

Metal Shop

Point of Contact:Brandon Biller

  • Brandon Biller is the new machine shop coordinator. I've begun drafting a plan for improvements to the equipment, tooling, and training, which will be ramping up in the beginning of next year.

Sky Zone

  • As 2015 comes to a close - the SkyZone has been up for the entire year!!!
  • More LED fixtures coming soon - if you have any placement requests please contact Baumann
  • Seeking power cords/whips/suicide cords, just need to have a male Edison plug, and 5-10 feet of cord. Please place donations in the old lighting cabinet (near the Mens bathroom)

Tool Crib

  • n/a

Tree House

  • n/a

Vinyl Zone

  • Bought a new cutting mat for the zone
    • Please don't cut through it
  • Look for new software and computer in January
  • Classes upcoming!
    • Introduction to Vinyl cutting
    • Making custom glassware

Welding Zone

  • December classes: Two intro to welding, one zone checkout, one TIG intensive. Ask classes well attended and successful.
  • January classes: at least one Intro to welding and one TIG. Checkout by request.
  • General state of the zone: functional, but needs work. Any volunteers?
  • Looking for additional trainers to teach classes.


  • n/a

Wood Shop

  • n/a

Space Project Updates

  • n/a


i3 DetroitSat

  • We received $500 budget!
  • Current plan of spending funds: Control a 3d printed satellite analogue from a distance by using Ham radio gear to manipulate magnetorquers to move the Cubesat within Helmholtz coil array by Penguicon

i3 MotorSports

  • #3 car in the Farmington parade.


  • i3 table at recent Ham event


Contact: Kevin Flory

  • Thanks to Charlie for a kick in the pants! (Well, not literally.)
  • First class tentatively planned for Feb 6--printing with linoleum blocks for Valentine's Day.
  • Cleanup, item purchase ongoing.



  • n/a

Wrap Up

  • Cory: Label makers are really useful and are in the shelves to the right of the compute zone.
  • Reminder to sign in.
  • Can self invite to slack through CRM


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:11 pm
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 25

Action Items

No action items.


No proposals.


  1. Evan LaFata Allen
  2. Brandon Biller
  3. Henry S Birdseye
  4. Ryan Bowman
  5. Matthew Carpenter
  6. Lewis Dennison
  7. Michael Fink
  8. David Henry
  9. Jan Henry
  10. Matt Huber
  11. Amelia Meyer
  12. Zachary Nash
  13. James S O'Dell
  14. Jody Raiford
  15. Charlie Rysenga
  16. Scott Scheraga
  17. David Scholl
  18. Brad Tarratt
  19. Bruce David Webber
  20. Beth Abelman
  21. Jamie Burdeski
  22. Nicole Weltman
  23. Andrea Cozart
  24. Matthew Gardeski
  25. Lindsay Cashews