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Agenda for 02-02-2016

Chair: Mike Fink 7:37 pm


Experienced Members

  • Mike F. - Laser Zone coordinator
  • Kevin F - Craft room coordinator
  • Jamie - Laser Cutting and Craft Room
  • Even - Infrastructure zone coordinator.

New Members & Guests

  • Amy - Private Chef - looking to work on new projects.
  • Frank - Looking to learn HAAS and TIG Welding
  • Phil - Grand Rapids - Here to Lear Stuff

Show and Tell

Pendants made in last week's Jewelry 102 class


Injection Molding

  • Injection molding inserts for the base. Allows the swapping out of inserts. Testing with ABS.
  • Added cooling. Mold inserts have water lines to allow current flow. Laser welded cool paths.
  • Created cable junctions. Used HAAS to create pipe tapping.
  • Two member's have projects in process.
  • Orientation on Thursday the 4th.

Cool Signs for the Space

  • Created patters for signs around the space.
  • One for the sink that is obviously needed. :)


New Tables in the Classroom

Old Business

Membership Strike Force

  • We met Sunday for our first meeting.
  • We identified problems and began working on solutions.
  • We are looking for guinea pigs to test our solutions.
    • Test Volunteers?

New Business


  • We should have one soon! How's 2/13?
  • Potluck on 2/20

Zone updates

Bicycle Shop

  • Orientation / Basic Service Class Tomorrow Wed. Feb 3, 7:30
  • - If anyone planning on attending has a bike with a flat tire they want to fix bring it in (or just the wheel)!

Gears, Derailleurs, and Shifting Maintenance and Tuning Class Wednesday Feb 17, 7:30

  • Tentative: Wheel Truing Class Monday Feb 29 7:30


  • Classroom Drywall is done. Taping and sanding to start 2/8. We have the final lights installed and working in a temporary location, where they will stay until we put in the ceiling tile.
  • Since it is taking so long to do the construction, we are going to allow classes to reserve the room on a limited basis during construction, depending on schedule. Please place your reservation request 72 hours in advance on the #classroom_planning channel on slack. If the construction allows, we will clear the classroom of debris/tools and you can setup tables and chairs on the day of event.
  • If you would like to help in the remodeling, please use the slack channel to offer assistance. Non-skilled labor is also useful. In fact anyone who has a few moments to spare and would like to help, please mop the room. We need to remove all the dust before we lay tile. Although drywall sanding will add more, we will probably mop 3-4 times before enough dust is removed to lay tile.
  • I will start buying color chips and floor, ceiling samples soon, so that you can see what's coming.
  • Charlie has ordered tables and they are here.

CNC Zone

  • Current series of class is winding up and going through certifications.

Commons Area

  • New couch arrangement during media lab construction.
  • Wandering piano.
  • New gumball machine being refurbished and improved.

Compute Zone

  • There will be a Compute Zone orientation on Tuesday January, 16 at 8:30 following the member meeting.

Craft Room

  • Need three candidates for a prototype 'basic fine oil painting' class, two sessions, cost < $20, time TBD. Any interest here tonight?, if so contact Kevin.

Electronics Lab

  • Please keep the e-lab clean.

Fab Lab

  • Progress is being made on the 3D Scanner.
  • Vivian Sanders and Amelia Meyer would like to ask people to take a few moments to clean up after you are done using the printer.
    • If you do not have time to clean, you did not have time to do the thing.
    • Especially leaving random failed prints still adhered to the bed! Stop that!
  • Full Spectrum Laser Engraver still needs some TLC. Machine can be used, but probably with unpredictable results.
  • Protomat will be moved up to one of the shelves at some point to make way for the 3D scanner.


  • Overflowing, and so is the recycling. Will move stuff out after the meeting tonight. This should be done every Wednesday evening during shutdown.


  • Roof leaks less. Will be patched from the outside by the landlord at some point.
  • Infrastructure to do list is now a bit more updated. Hopefully more gets done at the potluck. If you can't wait that long to help out, contact Even.

Injection Molding

  • Got a "new" 1985 chiller/heater for water circulation for the molds and machines. "Big Blue" is in the zone and hooked up with three output (blue) hoses and 3 return (red) hoses using an aluminum manifold I machined on the Haas. (Many thanks to Evan for the rush electrical work to get it running last week!) The chiller is used to chill or heat the molds and to chill the feed throat of the molding machines. The chiller is bigger than we need but the price was very good and it came from a very nice tool shop that had it checked out before putting it up for sale.
  • The large machine will get it's final "worthiness" evaluation over the next 4 weeks. Right now I don't see anything that would cause us to get rid of it.
  • I have used the past two weeks to work on the large machine, finish a 2nd mold and install the chiller.
  • This Thursday, Feb 4 will be an orientation class from 7-9 pm. If you have projects you are considering injection molding bring the cad file or napkin with you.
  • Right now we have two member projects that have mold designs in process.

Thad Johnson Injection Molding Coordinator

Jewelry Zone

  • Second offering of bracelet class was highly attended and went well. Same with the new pendant class.
  • Planning to start hosting certification classes on zone equipment (kiln, torch, Foredom rotary tool and rolling mill) by end of month. There is also interest in a salt water etching class which we will consider offering this Spring. If you want to get certified on the jewelry zone equipment or have a specific class you'd like to see offered, contact jewelry@i3detroit.org.

Kiln Zone

  • Kiln zone reorganization has begun.
  • Will be needed some muscle power to help build pallet racking and remove old shelving.
  • Hoping to finish reorganization before new glass kiln arrives (mid February). Kiln glass classes starting this Spring.
  • Large old glass kiln will be removed.
  • If you have any interest in purchasing it, please contact the kiln zone at kilnzone@i3detroit.org. Thanks.

Laser Zone

  • I'm going to be doing a laser cutter workshop (possibly lamp/lantern class, but I'm open to input) toward the end of the month. Possible project ideas are laser cut lamps.
  • Lasers are cutting pretty poorly.
  • Please bear with me while this gets worked out.
  • A lot can likely be fixed by adjusting/replacing the optics.
  • More urgently working to replace tubes since they date to July 2013 (unless someone can provide documentation otherwise)

Machine Shop

  • New sander is now online, and I will be staying after the meeting to train people how to safely use it and take care of it.
  • There are now a total of 3 pedestals in the machine shop, one for a grinder, one for wire wheels, and one for a buffer.
  • A lot of progress in cleaning out the machine shop happened in the last couple weeks - Evan and I tackled this together.
  • A tapping machine has been purchased and set up in the machine shop.
  • The machine shop is moving to an authorization list setup - I would like to copy what the woodworking zone has done with this.

Media Lab

  • New shelving and organization in process.

Sky Zone

  • Continuing efforts to de-crud the ceiling.

Tool Crib

  • n/a

Tree House

  • n/a

Vinyl Zone

  • New computer setup!
  • Class in the planning stages. Possibly later this month.
  • T-Shirt Vinyl Heat Press Works.

Welding Zone

  • Had a couple classes. Going to have more.
  • Will have even more when more teacher's materialize.
  • Lots of people getting use out of the zone, yay!
  • Quit putting the collet into the TIG gun backwards! (Infographic needed?)


29 active users in the last 30 days.

Most active users

  1. Terry Wynn
  2. David Henry
  3. Mike Fink

New users


Wiki Wine Workshop: Wednesday, February 10th, 7-9ish PM

Wood Shop

  • Open shop on Jan 25th went well lots of folks. Greg turned a bowl on the lathe.
  • Next is scheduled for Feb 22, subject is Router demo and workshop.
  • Table saw statistics, used 20 out of 30 days average 10 starts per day, 40 sec per start.
  • Adding camera's to determine who is abusing router bits and leaving a mess.

Space Project Updates

  • n/a


i3 DetroitSat

  • 3D printing a mock up of the cube sat and are planing to do some rotational testing at Penguicon.

i3 MotorSports

  • No updates


  • Hazel Park swap was good.


  • First round of classes held on January 31st. A few examples are drying on the kiln zone cabinet.


  • No current updates.
  • Check the Facebook group.


  • Working to streamline the process.
  • Look for an update in the next couple of months.
  • Contact the committee


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:24 pm
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 26

Action Items

No action items.


No proposals.


  1. Evan LaFata Allen
  2. Alec Beardsley
  3. Brandon Biller
  4. Jamie Burdeski
  5. Matthew Carpenter
  6. Michael Fink
  7. Kevin Flory
  8. Paul Frick
  9. Matthew Gardeski
  10. David Henry
  11. Jan Henry
  12. Matt Huber
  13. Thad Johnson
  14. Amelia Meyer
  15. Stephen John Nowicki
  16. James S O'Dell
  17. Jody Raiford
  18. Charlie Rysenga
  19. Scott Scheraga
  20. David Scholl
  21. Greg Smith
  22. Yajie Wang
  23. Bruce David Webber
  24. Amy Hang
  25. Phil Lee
  26. Frank Arthmire