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Agenda for 07-19-2016

Chair: Charlie Rysenga


Experienced Members

  • n/a

New Members & Guests

  • n/a

Show and Tell

  • n/a

Old Business

Maker Faire Update


  • It's not too late to submit a project!! You have until July 15th to sign up a project, but the earlier you sign up, the more optimal tent space you'll get
  • Project Sign Up Form
  • About 40 projects have been submitted so far (including many smaller projects)


  • Party Flyer is done and sent to Shauna to be sent out in an email blast to all Maker Faire Participants
  • Facebook party event will go up shortly

Tent Layout

  • First draft is done, even though there's some big areas that are vaguely "art display"
  • The AI file and PDF of the layout are posted in the #makerfaire2016 slack channel (the wiki is being wonky right now or there'd also be a PNG up here)


  • Emails were sent out to all project owners asking for their project assistants. If you're a project owner, please respond ASAP
  • Rule of thumb is that volunteers should work at least 4 hours over the whole weekend - we won't police it but please don't just give out free wristbands to your friends who aren't actually helping
  • Still looking for general volunteers throughout the weekend - email Jamie if you're interested
    • Jamie will send out a more detailed email about volunteer needs this week


  • We're bringing in more equipment from the space than ever before and hosting scheduled demos on our tools throughout the weekend
  • "Official" list (AKA what was sent to the Henry Ford) is up on the Maker Faire 2016 page
  • We still need a couple volunteers to run the vinyl cutter/heat press demo and for general demo assistants
  • Anyone want to demo the vacuum former?


  • July 23rd & 24th
  • We have a 10x10 tent where we are planning on taking donations and showing off cool demos.
  • I am still looking for volunteers! You get a wristband for the day and can go see some of the shows.
  • Demos we are planning on taking: Kittens in QR codes, 3D printed things, other cools (sic) stuff?!?

New Business


  • n/a


  • ===Video Walkthrough of TX/RXLabs, Houston Hackerspace=== Point of Contact: JodyBug
    • As I've been asked not to post these videos publicly, I'll be hosting a walkthrough viewing after the meeting, and at other times as will be posted to the list.

Zone updates

Bicycle Shop

  • n/a


  • n/a

CNC Zone

  • n/a

Commons Area

  • n/a

Compute Zone

  • Nothing to report.

Craft Room

  • We have a newly donated sewing machine. Parts have been purchased that were missing and it's now ready for use. It is a Husqvarna Viking, and does sewing. Note that parts cannot be shared between the two, so please keep them separate.
  • We may look into getting a craft iron or some otherwise older iron for crafts so the current iron can be kept specifically for sewing. Goop was found on it which was caught before it was transferred to fabric. Check the iron after your use, and if it's dirty, please clean it.
  • Embroidery bobbin thread is on backorder so we are unable to get replacement spools at the moment. According to the shop, it's been a few months.
  • On a similar note, if you're going through a lot of thread and needles fairly quickly, or running a business and doing a lot of work, it's probably advisable to carry your own consumables. We get what we can as availability allows and having it here is helpful, but best for occasional use, getting through a pinch, or emergency.
  • We do have a donation box and will be tracking contents in consideration of perhaps using donations to replace consumables. A small use fee for the embroidery machine is also under consideration. Much thought will be put into it to be fair but maintenance is expensive.
  • Last item for sewing: we're getting a small vacuum that will live under the sewing machine, to make it convenient to suck out the lint after every use. Keeping it cleaner should cut down on visits for service, provided other guidelines of use are followed. Please refer to the wiki for updated pages for both machines.

Electronics Lab

  • n/a

Fab Lab

  • Full Spectrum laser engraver
    • Needs air assist finished, please?
    • Just needs the new filter-regulator mounted and everything plumbed in nicely
  • Full Spectrum Pegasus Touch
    • Still waiting on a vat
    • Finally got contact with them by phone; order got lost. -.-
    • So how about that Formlabs Form2, eh?
  • Filaboxes
    • No progress, mea culpa
    • This weekend, unless someone else wants to work with Terry to order them
  • Protomat
    • Unclear on what is going on with this; much discussion, not much conclusion


  • n/a


  • Member storage clean-out went great last month, we freed up quite a few spots. This month we finish the wall in the wood shop and the lockers. Make sure you're reading the Announce mailing list for details on this. Affected members should also have received a direct message.
  • If anyone has time to help out around the space just let me know, I have several easy tasks that can be delegated (and some that require skill with the genie or a conduit bender)

Injection Molding

  • n/a

Jewelry Zone

  • Planning a regular monthly Third Thursday JIG (Jewelry Interest Group) from 6:30 to 9:30 pm starting this month on July 21st. First topic will be certification on the rolling mill and the Foredom rotary tool. Contact Jewelry@i3Detroit.org for more info.

Kiln Zone

  • n/a

Laser Zone

  • Bumblebee is down - most likely needs replacement part(s). Odds on being back before Maker Faire depend strongly on shipping speeds.
  • Wolverine is working again after a brief hiccup.

Machine Shop

  • Nothing new, been out of town, don't think anything burned out hopefully?

Media Lab

  • Has a computer with the adobe creative suite installed locally
  • username: i3Detroit password is on the tower
  • second computer is waiting budget for parts

Sky Zone

  • n/a

Tool Crib

  • Some tool breakage is being noted, specifically pliers that were abused are going to be replaced with stronger versions
  • Please notify the coordinators when you don't have the right tool for the job, we'd rather buy the right tool than have to replace a broken one.
  • Assistance in organizing tools would be appreciated, there are some small projects that would be great if you want to help out, but can't dedicate a whole weekend to sorting stuff

Tree House

  • n/a

Vinyl Zone

  • Quite a lot of use in the zone over the past month. New vinyl is on order.
  • Trying out a new supplier (a lot cheaper) so we will see how that goes.

Welding Zone

  • Plasma cutter out for repair, covered under warranty, yay Miller! Still no firm time estimate.
  • Intro to Welding class will be Sunday July 24th, 9a - Noon.


  • n/a

Wood Shop

  • n/a

Space Project Updates

  • n/a


i3 DetroitSat

  • n/a

i3 MotorSports

  • n/a


  • n/a


  • n/a


  • Sewing + Project Runway is this Sunday, July 24 from 1-3pm. The classroom becomes a sewing workroom for an afternoon. See event page on i3's Facebook page.
  • no runway on July 31 due to Maker Faire.
  • In August we return with sewing nights every other Wednesday in the classroom, and Runway on Sunday afternoons. Watch the SIG group, emails, or main Facebook page for updates on specific topics or classes during those meet ups.


  • n/a


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:
  • Funds appropriated:
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Action Items

No action items.


No proposals.


  1. Charlie Rysenga
  2. David Henry