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Agenda for 09-06-2016

'Chair: Charlie Rysenga 7:32 pm'


Experienced Members

  • n/a

New Members & Guests

  • n/a

Show and Tell

  • n/a

Thank Yous

  • Thank someone for something they have done for you or for i3Detroit.
  • Thanks to everyone for showing up. Yay Us!

Old Business

  • n/a

New Business

Board and Officer Nominations and Elections

Results for the Board: Evan Allen, Jamie Burdeski, Jan Henry, Leora Druckman, Matt Arnold, Mike Fink, T.J. Johnson.

Board Members (7 Elected)

  • Alec Beardsley
    • Member since January, finally gave in to peer pressure to join.
    • Prior board experience with HAM club, and VP.
    • Is older than he looks.
    • Interested in promoting the social aspects and make this feel like an extended family.
    • Most projects are related to board gaming.
  • Corey Milton
    • n/a
  • David Henry
    • Former VP and President of another non profit organization.
    • Extensive experience working either on or leading a team professionally. Rarely do any two individuals have the same opinion so resolving difference in opinion and arriving at consensus is a daily task.
  • Evan Allen
    • 3rd year on the board.
    • Created the infrastructure zone to get stuff done. Nothing is on fire anymore so it's working well.
    • Here to make sure i3 keeps moving forward in an inclusive way.
  • Jamie Burdeski
    • Two year board member
    • Former secretary.
    • Maker Faire coordinator this year.
    • Wiki coordinator.
    • Communication and conflict resolution.
    • Go do the thing.
    • Fairness. Treat everyone equally and impartially.
  • Jan Henry
    • Would like to grow the space further with more equipment and zones.
    • Bring in people from the community to expand.
    • More cross pollination of zones. Much untapped talent.
    • Took 6 months of being a member to actually talk to others and now finds this invaluable.
    • It's a great place to learn and innovate.
    • Likes to discuss and get things done.
  • Leora Druckman
    • Check personal wiki page and election survey for more information.
    • Priority as a board member is to move things forward with a vision.
    • 3M organizational development for 8 years.
    • Self run business.
    • Specializing in Jewelry.
    • 5 years of experience in glass.
    • Worked to come up with a fundraising template on the wiki.
  • Matt Arnold
    • 2 term board member.
    • Membership advocate.
    • Works to help construct wording on proposals.
    • Happy of what's helped to make the group a safe and comfortable place over th last two years.
  • Matt Gardeski
    • 3.5 year member.
    • Multi-year board member.
    • Would like to work to determine future direction.
    • Likes to make everything and interests are always changing.
  • Matt Huber
    • 5 years
    • been on the board 2 of the last 3 years, so he can't suck that bad.
  • Mike Fink
    • Member for 3.5 years.
    • 2 year board member.
    • Laser zone coordinator for 1.5 years.
    • Spends a fair deal of time improving the space.
    • Likes to solve problems including making i3 work better.
  • T.J. Johnson
    • Member for 6 months.
    • CNC Robotics, machining.
    • Former HackDC member before moving here.
    • Board member for other charitable organizations.
    • Looks forward to making i3 even more awesome.

Board Member Survey

Member Questions

  • How would you work to resolve conflicts among board members?
    • Jamie - It's difficult if you're the one that has a strong opinion. Understanding that everyone else has a common end goal of improving i3 helps to see the big picture.
    • Matt A. - It helps to work individually or in pairs rather than a whole group. Keeping the positive in mind is helpful.
    • Leora - Conflict resolution: Give everyone time to present their point of view and listen. We could to a better job but among members but we're fairly good.
  • How would you achieve growth.
    • Evan - Having assistance for grant writing. Building ownership is good, because you don't loose any equity when you move out. Would like to plan to move next door when B' Necktar moves out in 2018. Based on treasurer input, we could support moving now, but there would be no money for any zones. Growth would allow more tool expansion.
    • Leora - Grants look for having a vision that's documented. Finding and obtaining more grants would allow us to have the capital to move forward.
    • Mike - Re-evaluating what we're doing with our current space and how to use it better. Moving out would be a huge effort and would be hard to swallow. Agrees with moving next door.
  • How would we promote the space better.
    • Jan - Postcards and SIGs can reach out outside of i3. Testing out Facebook advertising. It is very targeted. What about advertisements.
    • Jamie - DIY fests and other places, we go to and show off, but we don't always have a focused strategy.
    • TJ - Give meetups a try to create community involvement.
    • David - Press releases to the media.
    • Evan - All of the ideas are good. More space allows the zones to grow organically. Having more space allows members to bring new tools. Giving tours to Grub Hub drivers is great.
    • Alec - Star Wars - It's all about the merchandising. Hang around Micro center with an i3 shirt.
    • Matt G - Comment on i3 posts on Facebook.
    • Mike F - Renting out larger storage plots to offset the cost of rent of additional space.


  • Charlie Rysenga - Chief schmoozer. Contacted Hazel Park and Ferndale to see about grants to do more stuff for free. Driving the board to come up with a vision and a plan.
    • How wold a future president have time to work on all of the things you're working on? Have spun off some of those tasks to new position.


  • Terry Wynn
    • Has been doing it for a while. Takes about 24 hours a week and fits in with his schedule.

Vice-President Member Advocates (2 Appointed)

  • Alec Beardsley
    • Values the family atmosphere and knowing that it's possible to discuss with others and have issues resolved.
  • Matt Arnold

Vice-President of Off-boarding

  • Dana Nelson

Vice-President of On-boarding

  • Matt Huber
    • Have worked on the CRM and membership transition so this role would be a good fit.
  • Matthew Carpenter
    • Working with Terry on the Friday night tours.
    • Working with Scott on Detroit Sat and outreach.
    • The new on boarding process is much better than it was, but there is room for further improvement.
  • Nate Bezanson
    • I'm burned out. Please vote for the other guy's and I'll help make them more awesome than they are.


  • n/a

Senior Vice President

  • Vivian Sanders
    • Has learned how to help and improve.
    • Worked to better define the officer duties to make it more helpful for fulfilling roles in the future.
    • Would like the opportunity to continue in this role.

Vice-President of Classes and Events

  • Nickolas Andersen
    • Charlie - Is enthusiastic and looking forward to helping to organize classes.


  • Second Member Meeting Adjustment - Make it more community oriented.
  • Just, Introductions, Show and Tell, Announcements and then on to community activities. On Boarding would still process.
  • First Tuesday: business, 2nd Tuesday board, 3rd Tuesday; fun community building activities.
  • Other ideas: Ted talks or other information sharing.
  • Would need a "fun coordinator" to work well.
  • Poll, good idea? N: 0 Y: Everyone other than James and Even who are ambivalent because there were 3 options.


  • i3Detroit's Future - an opportunity for your input - the i3Detroit Vision Survey
    • Survey's will be anonymous, but results will be posted so we can discuss them.
  • Startup Drive - an opportunity to do some business focused hacking. The weekend of the 16th.
    • Contact Charlie for more details.
  • Glass etching class on Saturday from 6 - 10. It would be helpful if angle grinders were not running the whole time :)

Zone updates

Bicycle Shop

  • n/a


  • n/a

CNC Zone

  • n/a

Commons Area

  • n/a

Compute Zone

  • The Eastern Michigan Python User Group (EMPUG) will provide an "Intro to Python" class on Saturday 9/10 @ i3 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. The class will introduce programming concepts in Python, by writing code to solve a maze.

Craft Room

  • There will be an update on the Singer industrial machine at the next member meeting.

Electronics Lab

  • n/a

Fab Lab

  • n/a


  • n/a


  • Nothing major happened in the last few weeks
  • There are still some smaller projects that could use doing, and I am happy to provide direction on.
    • TV mount in the Classroom.
    • Proper crash bar on the front door. It exists, just need to mount it.

Injection Molding

  • Making big progress with the large machine,we molded parts! Thanks to 3 new hydraulic control valves that were finally deemed necessary after several attempts at repair of original and several attempts at getting used valves.

The cool part is the machine is pretty basic as there are only 2 electromagnetic coils on 3 directional control valves so only 6 output signals needed and only around 8 inputs. We are running it with manual switches as a schematic is being mapped out for an electronic control panel to be developed. This will be very inexpensive and we have the brains here at i3 to make it work! Hopefully in the next several weeks.

  • The little machine is the little engine that could! It molded over 3,000 parts the last couple weeks with only a few complaints.
  • Thanks to all the members who have pitched in and helped the zone. Could not happen without you!

Jewelry Zone

  • Next Jewelry Interest Group will be scheduled in September with the exact date TBD. Will send out an announcement when date is confirmed.

Kiln Zone

  • Next Introduction to Kiln Glass class will be Wednesday September 21st from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Spots are limited. Contact Kilnzone@i3Detroit.org to reserve your space.

Laser Zone

  • Bumblebee is good.
  • Wolverine is getting warranty replacement tube soon.

Machine Shop

  • n/a

Media Lab

  • n/a

Sky Zone

  • n/a

Tool Crib

  • We have new proper all-metal pipe threaders.
  • Work on fasteners is moving slowly.
  • Help organizing the big random bins of tools would be appreciated (direction is available, willing hands are needed).
  • Expect a re-org of the hand and power tools this month, with elections over there will be more free time for all.
  • Look for a new pliers holder soon.

Tree House

  • n/a

Vinyl Zone

  • n/a

Welding Zone

  • n/a


  • n/a

Wood Shop

  • n/a

Space Project Updates

  • n/a


i3 DetroitSat

  • n/a

i3 MotorSports

  • n/a


  • n/a


  • n/a


  • We are having a guest instructor who is an expert in patterns and construction, join us for the time being on Wednesdays from 11:30-4. Cost is $50 for the session, which translates to roughly about $10/hr for expert, personalized help on your project. It is open to members and community guests. She is willing to come during one of the SIG's Wednesday evening meet ups if requested.
  • Wednesday night Sewcials are every other Wednesday night, 7-9pm.
  • In the near future we'll be opening up a dress form workshop, where we'll make sturdy body forms out of plaster. We're in the test phase and once we complete that, it'll be ready to present as a workshop.


  • n/a


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 9:42 pm
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 27

Action Items

No action items.


No proposals.


  1. Evan Allen
  2. Alec Beardsley
  3. Jamie Burdeski
  4. Matthew Carpenter
  5. Leora Druckman
  6. Michael Fink
  7. Kevin Flory
  8. Matthew Gardeski
  9. Ted Hansen
  10. David Henry
  11. Jan Henry
  12. Matt Huber
  13. T.J. Johnson
  14. Mark Lenigan
  15. Daniel Monschau
  16. Gary Morin
  17. Stephen Nowicki
  18. James O'Dell
  19. John Podlaseck
  20. Charlie Rysenga
  21. Vivian Sanders
  22. David Scholl
  23. Tony Slover
  24. Matthew Switlik
  25. Corey Tebo
  26. Bruce Webber
  27. Terry Wynn