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Agenda for 12-06-2016

Chair: Charlie Rysenga


Experienced Members

  • David Henry - Director, been around a couple years. Dabbles a lot, but most at home with wood shop and laser cutters
  • Tony - Machine shop coordinator

New Members & Guests

  • Rich - Does bike fabrication work, interested in hacking home automation.
  • Eric - friend of Tony, likes bikes

Show and Tell

  • Nick - javascript game switcher
  • Gary - tool to mount and hold a chuck in your hand
  • Mark - esp8266 publishing weather data to the mqtt server running in the space. Plan is to put up many to monitor temperature, etc throughout the space.

Old Business

  • n/a

New Business


  • Glass Etching Class - Sunday, December 11, 2016 - PoC: Charlie - Sandblasted champagne glasses for New Years
  • Letterpress Holiday Card Party - RSVP on Eventbrite, see mailing list post. PoC Ashley


  • Ammendment to Procedures for Cleaning Storage Plot Areas
    • Replace "The IZC and/or their assignees will clear all remaining material to the dumpster, starting the 3rd Tuesday of the month, and finishing within 6 days." with "The IZC and/or their assignees will clear all remaining material to the dumpster, starting the 3rd Thursday of the month, and finishing within 3 days.
    • Add "IZC and/or assignees will make a reasonable determination of abandonment of materials left and make an effort to contact members who may have made a mistake in leaving their possesions."
  • Proposal is not relevant to current policy as current policy has been expired
  • Suggestion from Nick that plots are leased with a known expiration date
  • This is essentially how the planned system is intended to work, with known clean-out dates for each plot range.
  • Steve: things that belong to a member in good standing should not be thrown away, ever..
  • There is a lot of email, it's hard to keep up with them and they all blend together.
  • Andrew: keeping up with emails is a responsibility of members, and the announce list does not have that much traffic.
  • Could we use some kind of texting service to make the alerts more noticeable?
  • Vivian: Artists and technologists have a disconnect in communication methods. She would like to volunteer to call anyone whose things are going to be cleaned out.
  • Nick: telling people RTFM to someone who doesn't know where to start is not being excellent to each other
  • Even though it creates extra burden, it would be excellent to call anyone who has left something in a plot to be emptied.
  • Cleanout volunteers: most plots had items left in them, and it was rarely obvious whether it was intended to be left or not. This would have been a lot of phone calls.
  • The storage policy as it had been implemented has expired, and needs to be reapproved for use next year. Discussion of this policy is taking place in the #Storage Channel[1] on Slack.

Zone updates

Commons Area

  • New stools will be in place to be tried out next week.
  • Plan to repair/replace the 5 main tables in the zone later this year. Would like to be contacted with any requests/suggestions.
  • Would like to get a donation box for the Commons area

Compute Zone

  • The large format printer is down. Time to read the manual.

Craft Room

  • Husqvarna embroidery machine is working fine. We have new spools of bobbin thread which were on backorder for a long time. While the machine is fine, it is a machine designed for home use that is being used in a shop setting with multiple users. That may translate into more maintenance periods or checkups. We ask for your understanding and patience.
  • The Singer industrial machine uses #69 thread and we have a few basic colors to get us started.
  • Refer to posted labels on the threads for all machines, for suggested reimbursement costs per material used.
  • We will be acquiring a Baby Lock Imagine serger with air threading. It makes threading the machine fairly easy and when sergers normally frustrate people with complicated threading and tensions, easy is a good thing.
  • If you use an iron from the craft room, note whether it's labeled for sewing or general shop use. Sewing equipment should be maintained for sewing, although there are other uses for heat from irons. In that case, we will have a craft iron for shop use.

Electronics Lab

  • n/a

Fab Lab

  • We are moving!
    • James O'Dell has been kind enough to agree to swap the Media Lab with the Fab Lab
    • A wall will be built around the base of the treehouse to preserve the humidity control we have enjoyed of late
  • We are buying a Formlabs Form 2!
    • Caveat: We only were approved for around half the purchase price
    • Watch for an Indiegogo campaign to fundraise the remaining $2,000.
    • Would replace the Full Spectrum Pegasus printer in function.
  • No further news


  • Crash bar is installed on the front door
    • Delivery drivers and guests can now leave with no issue
    • Members seem to have some hesitation about it (this is waning)
  • Camera system slowly going up
    • Front/Garage Doors and E-lab cameras up

Injection Molding

  • Running wiring for the injection molder chiller.

Jewelry Zone

  • Getting a few new members who can teach more jewelry equipment such as enameling

Laser Zone

  • Wolverine is still running well.
  • Still working out the best path going forward for Bumblebee. There's a small problem with its main board, which presents the tantalizing possibility of maybe upgrading. Figuring out what actually constitutes an upgrade has bee tricky.

Media Lab

  • Going to get a new computer early next year and setup a good workstation for media and general use.
  • Looking to acquire a MIDI keyboard and audio interface eventually.

Sky Zone

  • All the rest of the lights in the shop, except E-Lab will be replaced with the awesome LEDs we've been upgrading to everywhere else.

Tool Crib

  • All automotive tools except the floor jack and large jack stands are now in the tool crib
  • The work benches that are part of the H structure are now back to normal workbenches, use them as much as you'd like but please clear them off when you are done
  • Two of our carts that no longer fit in cart storage but do just fit under the workbenches in the H are being stored there, If anyone wants to label the spots and re-label the carts that would be great
  • The lights in the H have been rewired to be on the shop lighting circuit and the outlets and projector screen are no longer on the lighting circuit. This means that to shut down the space those lights are controlled by the switches at the south breaker panel


i3 DetroitSat

  • Contacted by Auburn University, they are now using the air bearing designed by the DetroitSat team for their own cubesat
  • Planning to demo this at Penguicon next year.

i3 MotorSports

  • Getting a new charger


  • Upcoming: Letterpress Party (Holiday Edition) afternoon of Sunday, December 18 Full Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1840332286204335/ Spend an hour or three making holiday ephemera (cards, gift tags, whatever). Great way to learn to use the press, if you haven't yet! Questions? Contact ashley.prescott@gmail.com -- RSVPs not required but will help in planning
  • (Hey... anyone want to participate in a cookie swap at the same time? Could be fun...)


  • Pattern Workshop every Wednesday 12-4, led by an expert in the sewing industry. $50 payable to instructor. Open to members and guests.
  • Sewcial meetup, every other Wednesday. Next one is tomorrow Dec 7, 7-9pm in the classroom. Bring your projects and questions!


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:28
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 19

Action Items

No action items.


No proposals.


  1. Charlie R
  2. Mike F
  3. Andrew M
  4. Mark F
  5. Gary M
  6. Scott S
  7. Rich H
  8. Cameron G
  9. James F
  10. John P
  11. Matt G
  12. Matt C
  13. Alec B
  14. Nick A
  15. Vivian S
  16. David H
  17. Jan H
  18. Tony S
  19. Eric