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Agenda for 02-21-2017

Chair: James O'Dell


Experienced Members

  • James O introduces himself. He's been a member for 3 years, and he's the compute zone and media zone coordinator. He's chairing the meeting tonight because he says so and wants to show off LED projects
  • Tony mumbles and trails off. He runs the machine shop.
  • Dana is also an 'old member' and she's the VP of Member Retention. And she's really good at headlocks.
  • Vivian, the Senior VP, says hi.

New Members & Guests

  • Evan has been here a few times as a guest and is back. He likes woodworking and electronics.
  • Steve is here with Tony
  • Sue ??? is interested in laser cutting and the kilns, and she thinks everything here is really interesting.

Show and Tell

  • Rich has a project to show off. It started with a bunch of scrap wood, and he's turned it into a rolling workshop. It's a cart with tool storage, drawers, power outlets, lighting and a work surface on top.
  • Dana has game pieces from a 'fake' game from Avatar The Last Airbender that has been turned into a real game. They're laser cut and engraved wood disks with pretty designs on them, and she's making a ton of them.
  • Mike W has a pun-axe. It's an axe head mounted on a guitar neck. slow clap

Old Business

  • n/a

New Business


  • There are still two spots open for a visit to the Henry Ford Museum this Saturday. We can have six members using the pass at a time.
  • Meet at i3 at 9 AM - James O'Dell

Hackernest Tech Social Thing in March

  • POC: Matt Arnold

Hackernest's March venue fell through, and they were wondering if we would be interested in hosting them again. If you would be interested in hosting them as guests on Monday the 20th (or possibly another day around there, there's some flexibility) contact Matt. Tony may be interested

Penguicon is Coming!

From Dana: Someone from All Hands Active is most likely setting up the hackerspace presence at Penguicon, and it would be awesome if we could get some i3 folks to volunteer there. The main focus is the learn to solder badges. Volunteering for a few hours can get you half-price admission and all the free beer you want (at least when you're not volunteering). Email diy@penguicon.org if you're interested.


Camera Locations Update

Tabled until next meeting because it's boring and there are LEDs and there is food. PoC: Mike

Zone updates


  • Nothing to report.

Electronics Lab

  • Conscientious lab users have been emailing the ZoCo with out-of-stock stuff
  • Thus, stuff has been ordered and is inbound
  • Thanks, Gordon!


  • Seven out of fourteen cameras are up, working, and have been working. You can check to see what is currently covered on the Security Cameras page.
  • The remaining work required is hanging cameras and running cable. Feel Free to ask me (Evan A), Andrew M, Mike F, or Mark F to get an explanation on how you can help running cable or hanging cameras.
  • We have new wi-fi access points
  • We have a new router
  • If you have any network problems, mention it, because you shouldn't

Tool Crib

  • Camera is now up, if you leave a mess we will have a talk about why.
  • We have had some tools break and are working on getting replacements


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 7:58
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 14

Action Items

No action items.


No proposals.


  1. James o
  2. Mike F
  3. Matt A
  4. Dave S
  5. Mike W
  6. Sue C
  7. Steve C
  8. Andrew L
  9. Evan P
  10. Nickolas A
  11. Kevin F
  12. Tony S
  13. Vivian S
  14. Rich P