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Agenda for 05-16-2017

Chair: Charlie Rysenga


Experienced Members

  • Swit is here with his HTC Vive VR headset and he wants to show off some cool software to make stuff in VR, like sculpting virtual clay. And also shooting zombies and chopping fruit.
  • Matt C is the onboarding coordinator and he likes to make electronics and things with blinky leds.
  • Gary M is back from Florida and he likes to work on electronics and more recently build buildings.

New Members & Guests

  • Ann R is visiting from Indiana and has enjoyed taking classes here in the past. Charlie's also her son.

Show and Tell

  • Alec points out the new bookcase in the commons area.

Old Business

Bay Door Mural

  • Jamie has more details about the potential mural on the exterior of the building on the bay door.
  • There may have been some miscommunication on costs and what we were paying the artist for.
  • The artist is offering to do the mural on the bay door for $1600 plus supplies, maybe $1800, which is a lot more than the initial $500 budget.

Rob: Would this be in violation any Ferndale ordinances?
Jamie: We've looked at the ordinances before and as long as it doesn't focus on text/our name, it should be ok. The artist's design will still need to be approved by the City before it goes up.
Kevin has concerns about the cost, how the paint would adhere to the bay door, and thinks that art here should be done by the members, not someone we hired.
Swit also has concerns about hiring a non-member to do a project here, especially something creative, and how does that open us up to others wanting funds to do other similar projects?
David would be OK covering supplies, but we're already full of members who volunteer their time and effort on things with nothing in return
Jamie asks as a straw poll:
How many would be in favor of us spending the full $1800? 6 in favor, 8 opposed.
How many would be in favor of crowdfunding the $1300 that hasn't been allocated? 8 in favor, 5 opposed.
David points out that the other still $500 is subject to the budget freeze regarding our possible expansion

Expansion Next Door

Charlie: We're still waiting on a contract from the landlord. We did a straw poll that was strongly in favor of it last meeting.
We can afford it, but we'd have to severely cut but not completely eliminate our discretionary budget.
Random Guy who wandered up to the podium strongly urges us to take advantage of this opportunity because it's unlikely to happen again. Jamie asks if the membership is going to officially vote to expand or not? David: We did an unofficial vote last meeting which also reinforced the results of the last vision survey. Swit: Every time this question has come up in the past years the answer has always been 'Yes'.

New Business

Opportunity to Host a Fellowship Recipient

  • We have the opportunity to host a fellowship recipient for 26 weeks
    • He'd be receiving a stipend from a non-profit (not us) to volunteer time working with another non-profit (us).
    • Charlie thinks he sounds like a competant makery sort of person who would make a good member.
    • Charlie wants to make sure this isn't pushing too close to having a paid employee
    • He'd be a regular member who would pay dues and spend some of his time volunteering here on whatever we'd like him to work on
    • Charlie doesn't want to give him a list of tasks or require he do specific things

Nick: Would he get paid to clean up? Why would someone pay them to work here?
Charlie: Not exactly, he could work from a list of tasks like our ToDo list. As for why: It's a nonprofit focused on helping active duty members of the armed forces transition back to civilian life
Anne: Having worked with interns, i3 has an obligation to help mentor him here
Kevin thinks we shouldn't focus on having them clean up or do specific things, they should act similar to how wardens work independently
Alec: If we do this, are we committed to the full 26 weeks if somethign goes wrong?
Charlie: I'm going to find that out first, but this just came in today.
Matt C: In the email he sent, he made it very clear that his membership and fellowship would be kept separate. He'd work on his own projects on his own time and work on volunteer tasks on fellowship time. Charlie: Does anyone have any major concerns about moving forward on this? crickets Charlie: Moving on then...


  • Scholarships!
    • The scholarship system has been revised! They are now issued six months at a time
    • Anyone on scholarship as of the 1st of this month will have their six month term conclude on November 1st
    • Scholarships are still available, apply at www.i3detroit.org/scholarship


Charlie: i3's doing group registration again like last year, so individual projects will be signed up through i3. Dana's the POC for that. Charlie wants to fill a 40'x120' tent this year, which is 50% bigger than last year.

Passing of a Maker

  • Patrick Haggood of AHA has passed away. Contact Dana if you'd like to send condolances.


VR Meetup with Swit!

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:11
  • Attendees: 16

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Charlie R
  2. Mike F
  3. Nick A
  4. Matt A
  5. Alec B
  6. Jamie B
  7. Matt C
  8. Kevin F
  9. David H
  10. Jan H
  11. Rob L
  12. Gary M
  13. Evan P
  14. Vivian S
  15. David S
  16. Alex V

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