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Agenda for 06-20-2017

'Chair: Charlie Rysenga 7:33pm'


Experienced Members

  • Brandon - Actually showed up on a Tuesday. Mushrooms and fungus.
  • Tony - Machine shop coordinator. Likes to make stuff out of metal. Olives.
  • Dana - Lives in the laser zone, and does art stuff. Will be helping to lead the i3 Maker Faire experience. Olives.
  • Charlie - Not sure if he's done anything Bacon.
  • Mike - Amazon by day. Bike Zone now has a kegerator on loan. Mealworms.

New Members & Guests

  • Emily - Likes to build and create stuff including sculptures. Does not like green food.
  • Andy - On to part 2 of Milling, Laser cutting. Least favorite food is meatloaf.

Show and Tell

  • Posters
  • Peppermill

Old Business

  • n/a

New Business


  • Maker Faire Discussion - considering the budget freeze, what do people want for the Maker Faire Event planning? What do people want for an after party?
    • Send ideas to Joseph and Sam
    • Indicate that the party is a fundraiser.
  • Bike at the zoo event on Monday.


  • n/a

Zone updates

Bicycle Shop

  • n/a


  • n/a

CNC Zone

  • n/a

Commons Area

  • n/a

Compute Zone

  • n/a

Craft Room

  • n/a

Electronics Lab

  • The zone orientation this week is moved to Friday. Expected to affect zero people.
  • Would like to write up and publish something, anything, that's happened in the lab lately. Anyone? Contact Nate B please.

Fab Lab

  • n/a


  • n/a


  • Labelmakers are both still missing
  • New more organized network cabinet
  • New network switch, everything in the space is now gigabit, there are no more excuses to see crossover cables

Injection Molding

  • n/a

Jewelry Zone

  • n/a

Kiln Zone

  • n/a

Laser Zone

  • n/a

Leather Loft

  • n/a

Machine Shop

  • n/a

Media Lab

  • n/a

Sky Zone

  • The Sky Zone is up!

Tool Crib

  • Drills are still missing.
  • Hammer has been located but not yet returned.
  • There will be no lending of tools until further notice.
    • No tools are to leave the space, at all.
    • No tools are to be left in other zones after you are done using them.

Tree House

  • n/a

Vinyl Zone

  • n/a

Welding Zone

  • Argon is refilled.


  • n/a

Wood Shop

  • n/a

Space Project Updates

  • n/a


i3 DetroitSat

  • n/a

i3 MotorSports

  • n/a


  • n/a


  • n/a


  • Sewing night tomorrow.


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 7:55
  • Attendees: 17

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Charlie Rysenga
  2. David Henry
  3. Jan Henry
  4. Alec Beardsly
  5. James O'Dell
  6. Emily Adelman
  7. Matt Carpenter
  8. Andy Kostrzewa
  9. Matt Arnold
  10. Dana Nelso
  11. Joseph Bauman
  12. Emily Renolds
  13. Vivian Sanders
  14. Tony Slover
  15. Brandon Biller
  16. Mike Williams
  17. Dave Scholl

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