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Agenda for 07-18-2017

Chair: Charlie Rysenga Charlie said the word "loosey-goosey". It is thusly on the record.


Experienced Members

  • James is the compute zone and media zone coordinator. He's interested in working with Blender lately. He'd like to take Nikola Tesla to lunch.
  • Lew makes leather stuff. He'd like to take this russian girl from the internet who makes wildlife noises to lunch.
  • Thad makes plastic injection-molded action figures after spending a bunch of time getting the molders repaired. He's also the zone coordinator for the CNC zone. He'd like to go to lunch with his dad.
  • Charlie is the i3 President. He likes to make electronics and other stupid things. He'd like to go to lunch with Jeri Elsworth.
  • Martee is in the membership process. She likes to tinker with microcomputers and also knit.

New Members & Guests

  • Adam is an EE, works on automotive electrical stuff. He'd like to take Enya to lunch.
  • EmJae is a painter, she likes to build her own frames and weird shapes. She'd like to eat lunch with David Bowie.
  • Mary does figure sculpture. She'd like to take the sculpter Gwen Marcus to lunch.

Show and Tell & Taste

  • David has Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Almond Cookies
  • Charlie found a DIY dust collector in the graveyard that perfectly fits the electrostatic air purifier he's been working on.
  • Martee has a scarf she's been knitting.

New Business


  • Maker Faire is coming up soon!
    • Get your project submitted online (see the mailing list) by this Friday, 7/21, to be included in the i3 tent.
    • You can volunteer to help in the i3 tent if you need a ticket.
  • There's a 3d Printer Meetup before the Maker Faire after party at i3.
  • Hazel Park Art Faire is coming up soon and Charlie is spearheading i3's presence there.
  • As zone updates are not part of the third Tuesday meeting, the craft room announces it has an announcement.

Zone updates

Craft Room

  • For things belonging to the craft room that are removed for use in the space, please remember to bring them back. Members' time and effort is spent looking for things that are not brought back and if they are not found, they are not able to use them. Please be considerate of fellow members. Lost items can be expensive to replace and it's likely that donation funds are not enough to cover them. Also, the craft room will not be loaning equipment for members to borrow from the space. We believe that our things are for everyone to use and if something is removed, it's not available for someone else. This also removes the burden for tracking and remembering, from the zone coordinators and borrower.
  • Nate adds "Don't steal shit. Borrowing without asking is stealing."

Electronics Lab

  • Thank you to Steve S. for several years of loan of his Kikusui high-voltage DC PSU, which has now gone home. (It's the one that sounded like a vacuum cleaner.)
  • Potential replacements are being evaluated.
  • It looks like cash from the drawer will cover this (haven't done detailed accounting, but it's been good lately), so thank you to everyone who contributes!
  • Thanks also to the mystery angel who vacuums the floor once in a while, you're awesome!

Media Lab

  • The Adobe Suite is now installed on the media lab workstation and no longer available on the VM.


Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 7:50
  • Attendees: 15

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Charlie R
  2. Mike F
  3. David H
  4. Matt S
  5. Dave S
  6. Steve N
  7. Vivian S
  8. James O
  9. Jamie B
  10. Nate B
  11. EmJae L
  12. Lew D
  13. Adam S
  14. Mary D
  15. Martee H

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