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Agenda for 08-01-2017

Chair: Charlie Rysenga


New Members & Guests

  • Jeff Kinneman - He's in the process of joining, and he demoed some raspberry pi PCs at Maker Faire.
  • Louie works for the company doing Detroit's bikeshare. He found i3 at Maker Faire and is interested in Beaglebones, which they use in kiosks.
  • Inaudible is working with arduino and raspberry pi
  • Andy Lenhart - new member as of may, interested in programming and raspberry pis.
  • Thomas ' The Axe Man' - He builds guitars, and is showing off 'Copperhead'
  • Andy will be a member soon, he's interested in lasers, 3d printers.
  • Jen is working on phase 2, this is her first meeting and her dog cosmo is here as well. She does many things, including sewing and draping. She's interested in learning welding and woodworking.
  • Matt Bezanson is visiting in need of a bandsaw. He likes to make small boats, chaos, telescopes, and little Bezansons.

Experienced Members

  • Matt Huber - He's been around i3 for many years, does i3 motorsports, 3d printing, manging our CRM, and many other things.
  • Matt Carpenter - He's interested in 3d printing and wants to learn to use the Haas
  • Charlie likes electronics, uses Beaglebones at work, and does a little bit of a lot of other things

Show and Tell

  • We still have more Matt's - Kevin has an oil portrait of Matt Huber
  • Steve N has a wood and acrylic display case with a laser engraved background.

Old Business

  • Maker Faire happened
    • i3 showed off 50-60 projects from many, many people
    • Next year we'll make sure to ask in the questionaire if members will be displaying projects themselves or just loading on the truck, and about storage considerations.

New Business


  • Nominations for members of the Board of Directors opened today and will be open until 8/22/17.
  • i3 is getting it's picture taken by a matterport camera on Thursday around 9 am.
    • We'll have a walkable digital version of our space.
  • Next memeber meeting we'll be focusing on the expansion of our space so bring ideas there.
  • Cosplay Beach Party - Saturday 8/5 @ Kensington Metropark - Come for cosply and DJs and lots of fun.
  • Board game night is this Thursday, 8/3


  • Voting rules for the upcoming election.
    • Not ready for this meeting, will be put to the mailing list and proposed next meeting.
    • Mike has put together a change to the standing rules to make our elections process a lot more clear and deliberate.
    • Current version
    • Proposed version
    • Differences

Zone updates

Bicycle Shop

  • The kegerator will be cleaned and put into storage now that Maker Faire is over

Craft Room

  • Approximately 10 people were instructed on embroidery within the last week. At some point in the future, additional machine trainers will be added. As with other zones, users may not certify other users.
  • Authorized users will be added to the wiki. If you don't see your name on the list and were trained this week or a prior time, please see Kevin or Jan before using the machine and we'll figure it out. Many names were originally missed as adding to the wiki but it's possible that enough has changed in our methods and equipment that we may require a renewal of your old certification.
  • Liz Cano sent out a detailed email of references for materials, etc. No point in repeating it here, so please either review it on the mail list, or as a copy on slack or paper. At some point we'll have a price list similar to the large format printer, in the craft room, to help you keep track of your materials costs.
  • We continue to tweak the cutting table. It now has brackets for a 60" roll bolt and currently requires assembly and disassembly when you begin and finish. Also the hinges have been swapped so the table can be easily moved from the wall for 4-sided use. Their current state is temporary as there are plans to secure the hinges better. If you wish to use the bolt holder or new hinges, please see us for a quick intro.
  • There may be a slight reorganization of the sewing supply area as we make room for the new supplies.
  • Housekeeping note: it's requested that spray adhesive (such as that used for hooping) be used out in the common area with a glue mat. The overspray is real and gunky for a clean space such as craft and class rooms, and it's better ventilated in the larger area. Dust is understood, but it can dry in the clean area so it's very briefly in the dustier environment.

Electronics Lab

  • Nate thanks Steve S for his long term loan of the high voltage supply. We've replaced it with an awesome new one now that his has left.

Laser Zone

  • There will be a first training session for the big laser cutters Thursday 8/3 at 7pm

Leather Loft

  • We'll be getting two leather sewing machines and a bunch of other tools soon.
  • Karianne is planning some i3-member classes in the coming weeks.

Machine Shop

  • Tony is requesting a $2/session fee for use of the metal lathe and the mill. This will help make the zone be more independent from i3's main budget.

Media Lab

  • Adobe Suite is installed on the nice 3-monitor computer in the media lab

Vinyl Zone

  • The vinyl zone has been running well. Charlie will be ordering more vinyl soon, there's a catalog in the desk if you want to make specific requests.
  • Please don't change the blade without telling Charlie first


i3 DetroitSat

  • They had a great Maker Faire, made a lot of new contacts and met a lot of interested people.

i3 MotorSports

  • Thanks to those that helped out to bring #3 back to life! The #3 car made multiple tours of the Power Wheels Racing Series track and the Maker Faire grounds. Due to the condition of the car and the number of entries / available transponders it did not compete.
  • There will be discussions underway soon to plan out a new car build to compete next year. Stay tuned for details.
    • Check out the #i3motorsports channel in Slack


  • The letterpress had a great time at Maker Faire!


  • Pattern Workshop Wednesday August 2 1-4pm. $50 to instructor. One student spot available. Contact Jan for teacher info (Gwen Powell) if interested. She's formerly of the classes at Haberman, which no longer offers classes for this skill set. Gwen's workshop here is one of the few in the area if any, outside of the academic environment. If you are not a commercial size, require pattern alterations, or have ideas for patterns that don't exist, you need Gwen's workshop. It's an open workshop -- your project is your own, and she works with us individually in the class environment.
  • Open sewing night Wednesday August 2, 7-10pm. Bring projects, we all sew together and figure stuff out as we go. Serger help available!
  • We've started trying to community fund new embroidery software (Embird) to replace the software we lost the dongle for, so we can create new custom embroidery patterns.

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:10 pm
  • Attendees: 25

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Charlie
  2. Mike F
  3. Matt C
  4. Andy K
  5. Lew D
  6. Thomas T
  7. Kevin F
  8. Jen N
  9. Alec B
  10. David H
  11. Jeff P
  12. Andy L
  13. Martee H
  14. Carlos S
  15. Adam S
  16. Scott S
  17. Karianne G
  18. Ross T
  19. Nate B
  20. Steve N
  21. Matt H
  22. James O
  23. Dave S
  24. Brian P
  25. Jan H

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