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Agenda for 09-05-2017

Chair: Charlie


Experienced Members

  • Matt S (Swit): Has been a member from the beginning. He's be interested in tabletop wargaming lately. His favorite food as a kid was shrimp
  • Kevin: Craft room coordinator. Interested in painting. Favorite childhood foods are german chocolate cake and apple dumplings.
  • Jude: She isn't at meetings much, but has been a member for a while. Very into steampunk apparel and accessories and is currently working on parasol handles. Favorite childhood food was lobster.

New Members & Guests

  • Matt: his favorite childhood food was donuts. He's currently working on chevy truck, also likes playing with arduinos and electronics stuff. Wants to upgrade his daughter's power wheeels
  • Paul: He's 98% of the way to becoming a member. His favorite food as a kid was ice cream. His most recent project is repairing his glasses with many layers of heatshrink. He's also got a radio he intends to fix.
  • EmJae: likes to make art. She 'does painting things' in acrylic and oil. Her favorite childhood food was homemade blueberry piergies. Polish AF.
  • Robert: Interested in wearables, has built a couple houses, currently working on a sword. Favorite childhood food was tuna sandwich with ruffles chips on it.
  • Blake: Was here last month but the Secretary failed to record him. Shame' He makes warhammer models, and is interested in woodworking. Favorite childhood food tomato sandwiches
  • Carlos: Likes to work with arduinos and all kinds of sensors. Favorite childhood food was his grandma's rice and chicken.

Show and Tell

  • Jan with David as a model: i3 embroidered shirt done on the Husqvarna Designer SE
  • Swit: Has a piece of Dungeons and Dragons tabletop terrain built around a plasma ball to create The Doom Sphere.
  • Thomas T: Has an in progress desk top made from metro-Detroit grown lumber, which will eventually have an engraved map, embedded lighting, and room for multiple computers and servers.
  • Mark and Evan: Mark has added IoT controls to many of our lights and they can be controlled wirelessly. Remember, the 'S' in IoT stands for 'Security.'
  • Blake: Has finished painting some goblin miniature figures

New Business

Board of Directors Election

See Election 2017 for candidates' answers to questions posed by members.

Candidate Introductions

  • Matt Huber - One of the old timers here, has been on the board twice in the past. Thinks his calm demeanor is a very useful quality
  • Matt Switlik - He's a founding member, and has declined nominations in the past, but is able to be more involved in the coming year. He thinks everyone should at least consider being on the board and is doing so in that spirit.
  • Alec Beardsley - His main goal as a board member is to make i3 function as well as he can. He spends a lot of time talking with people and less working on physical improvements.
  • David Henry - Currently on the board, was previously secretary. Interested in continuing on the board, and if not he'll find other ways to contribute to the space.
  • Jan Henry - Has been on the board the past year, has been a member since late 2014. She loves being a part of i3 and enjoys being able to help out in multiple roles as a board member and zone coordinator. Wants to build on the momentum we have toward the expansion and keep a focus on improving our community
  • Joseph Baumann - Has been a member since 2013. He's interested in being on the board in part to expand as a person and also to help lead our expansion. He wants to focus on finding more sources of corporate donations or sponsorships.
  • Jody Raiford, Matt Carpenter, Mike Williams, Paul Frick, and Tony Slover could not be present

Election Results

  • Results will be announced after voting concludes. Voting will end after the meeting at 9pm.


  • James: September Third Tuesday Community Meeting - MATT Talks!!!
    • Give a 5 minute talk, demo, etc
    • Contact James O'Dell - macodis@gmail.com to sign up for a slot
  • Kicad second session will be held in late September, date will be announced
    • If anyone wants session one, let me know. James O'Dell - macodis@gmail.com
  • Alec: Board Game Night is this Thursday, 9/7 7-10 pm
  • Alec: Is there interest in doing HAM radio testing at i3?
  • Reminder: Members need to make sure they sign in guests, and members may ask others if they are members if not sure. Recently some members have reported they've seen guests not being signed in on several occasions.
  • Thomas T has a few hundred empty liquor and wine bottles collected that he wants to get rid of, if anyone has a use for such things.

Zone updates

Compute Zone


  • New ink ordered, changed out gray - First ink change

Craft Room


  • Picked up a grab bag of buttons today; they'll be available in the "blue tower" in the sewing area of the craft room
  • We received some organizer donations, so some of the supplies have been reorganized into them
  • Industrial sewing has a drawer now for the heavier weight thread we use with the two machines
  • If you missed it, we now have Embird and it's ready for your use on the media lab computer. Get familiar with it on your own for now, and schedule an embroidery machine training with Kevin.
  • The cutting table in the classroom has a modification to the bracket that locks it to the wall -- the latch part is now on the wall, so it should snag you far less when you walk by now.

Electronics Lab


  • Got some new tips for the Metcal soldering iron, so have fun!

Jewelry Zone

  • Leora: Planning an enameling class for later this month. Stay tuned!

Kiln Zone

  • Leora: Planning a Kiln Glass Class for October if there is enough interest. Contact Leora at LeoraCreates@gmail.com if you are interested, and specify what you are interested in, i.e. the basics, a little more advanced, etc.

Laser Zone


  • Some kind of electrical issue (power surge?) seems to have broken a major component in Bumblebee. Roger and Mike are working with the vendor figure out what happened and/or order a replacement.
  • If you notice any lights flickering, especially in the west shop when other big tools are being used such as in the Wood Shop, please speak up.

Media Lab


  • New Audio Stuff
    • The media zone has inherited a founding relic
    • A nice little M-Audio USB audio interface
    • New audio cables ordered
    • Good microphone available (XLR)
      • Also XLR-USB cable
    • Instrument audio cable (guitar connection)

Vinyl Zone


  • New Vinyl in the zone
    • Mostly restock of current colors
    • Some new types of Heat Transfer Vinyl for clothing
    • Class to come soon



  • Next Wednesday (9/13) is the next sewing night. Come to learn or just for comraderie!


Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:20 pm
  • Attendees: 26

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Evan A
  2. Joseph B
  3. Alec B
  4. Nate B
  5. Leora D
  6. Mike F
  7. Kevin F
  8. Mark F
  9. Martee H
  10. David H
  11. Jan H
  12. Matt H
  13. Blake H
  14. Paul L
  15. Andrew L
  16. Matt L
  17. James O
  18. Charlie R
  19. Vivian S
  20. Robert S
  21. David S
  22. Robert S
  23. Carlos S
  24. Judy S
  25. Matt S
  26. Thomas T

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