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Agenda for 09-19-2017

Chair: James O'Dell

Show and Tell

MATT Talks

David's from-scratch steampunk goggle project

  • Leather goggle sides
  • Cast pewter lens holders
    • First made out of wood by turning on the wood lathe
    • High-temp silicone mold made from the wood piece
    • DIY temperature-controlled melting pot for pewter
    • Pewter blanks cast in the silicone mold
    • Pewter blanks then turned on the metal lathe, machined, and buffed on the buffing wheel

Steve's table saw tenon jig

  • Jig for cutting tenons for mortise and tenon joints on the tablesaw
  • Almost done and will be available in the wood shop soon

James' idea for wirelessly controlled LED hats

  • Based on David & Jan's wand-controlled LED Mickey Mouse ears
  • James wants to do something similar for the next Penguicon
    • Make everyone's hats individually addressable, IR or potentially wi-fi mesh network
    • A variety of 3d-printed LED diffusers

New Business


Planer Funding Drive

  • Funding drive to purchase a new planer for the wood shop.
  • Tool will be i3 owned. If you'd like to help, drop funds in the donation box with a label.
  • See announcement on member mailing list for additional details.

Intro to Robots "Make it Blink"

  • At the Royal Oak Public Library w/i3Detroit
  • Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 6:30PM-8:00PM
  • For kids age 7-12
  • Learn to solder badges and Arduino hands on class.
  • Matt Switlik is looking for a couple of i3 volunteers for the soldering part.

i3 Artist at Art Prize

  • i3 member Emily A has a sculpture on display at this year's Art Prize in Grand Rapids.
  • See the mailing list for details.

Swit has a 360 camera

  • Matt Switlik has a new, shiny 360 camera, ask him about it if you're interested

Zone updates

Welding Zone

  • Last warning: label your material or it will be considered donation to shop stock.
  • The new metal rack should be installed this weekend. Thanks to the folks who donated funds to the zone!


Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:05
  • Attendees: 16

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. James O
  2. Mike F
  3. Evan A
  4. Mel G
  5. Matt S
  6. Stanley R
  7. Andy L
  8. Steve N
  9. Brian P
  10. Paul F
  11. Danny M
  12. David H
  13. Jan H
  14. Roger S
  15. Kevin F
  16. Alec B

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