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Agenda for 12-19-2017

Chair: James O'Dell


Experienced Members

  • Thomas T is a guitar maker and designs and builds integrated furniture (that is, furniture designed to be used with technology)
  • James is running the meeting and is the zone coordinator for the Media Lab and Compute Zone

New Members & Guests

  • Julian is a new member. He's interested in 3d printing, welding, getting trained on the Haas, and laser cutting. He's a 3d printing engineer and is planning to host an upcoming class on it.
  • Jeff has been a member for a couple weeks now.

Show and Tell

  • Salt and Pepper Grinders - David has a salt and pepper grinder turned on the lathe from various layers of different hardwoods
  • Wood bowl - David also has a small bowl he turned on the lathe from a solid chunk of wood.
  • Resin Art - David and James have pieces from this past weekend's resin painting class
  • Slumped Glass - David also has some slumped glass coasters he ran in the kiln last night
  • Evan P has a laser-engraved acrylic map of Austin, TX
  • Emily has a guitar that she's coated in paint and resin

Old Business

  • n/a

New Business


  • Music Theory Class - Martee is running a class on music Sunday, January 14 3-5 pm
  • Paul is planning a chrocheting class in early January
  • Emily is planning further resin painting workshops in January. If you're interested, let her know.
  • January 27 is i3 Demo Day - a public open house for i3.
    • We need content! Looking for people to demo things, do short make and take classes, show off different zones
  • Board Game night is this Thursday, December 21 at 7
  • New Years Eve - Jody is planning a low-key new years eve party


  • Currently we have no members under 18.
  • Our insurance requires our members be 18 or older.
  • This is to clarify this in our bylaws, which are currently somewhat confusing
Change the Bylaws Article 3 Section 3 from "Members shall be of the age of majority in this state, or have the written consent of a legal guardian;" to "Members shall be of the age of majority in this state;"
Moved by Alec, Seconded by Emily
15 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS

Zone updates

Compute Zone

  • Had a report of a lot of noise coming from the large format printer, like a fan having issues or something. Please let James know if you notice any problems with it.

Craft Room

  • Sewing
  • The 120x120 embroidery hoop that was gifted to us to replace the missing 100x100 hoop, is missing. (Really upset frowny face here) It is not known yet when it was last seen but when we know, there will be a camera review to identify what happened. If you saw or used it recently, please help us out.
  • Also, the craft room will be getting a check list of shut down tasks when closing up work to help with returning things for the next user. It is requested that the embroidery hoops not leave the craft room or media lab. They have no use outside the room, so that also helps reduce scope of where to look. The zone coordinator shouldn't have to take these measures with adults but clearly we have a problem. Super disappointed.
  • Our Imagine serger will have 6 new feet available for it. Their use will be demonstrated and used during the demo day in January. Please see Craft Room/Sewing coordinator for info on them."Do more creative techniques with your Baby Lock serger when you add additional feet. This kit contains a blindhem foot, 3mm cording foot, 5mm cording foot, elastic foot, beading foot, and ruffling foot."
  • The next thing to go missing from the craft room will be replaced by one encased in resin and embedded in the wall. :-)

Laser Zone

  • Bumblebee and Wolverine now have wi-fi-based usage logging to track how much actual time they run for. Data can be viewed while on the i3 network here.



  • Open sewing Night is Wednesday, the last one of the year. First one of 2018 is January 17.


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:01
  • Attendees: 18

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

ProposalMoved BySeconded ByAyeNayResult
Change the Bylaws Article 3 Section 3 from "Members shall be of the age of majority in this state, or have the written consent of a legal guardian;" to "Members shall be of the age of majority in this state;"AlecEmily150PASS


  1. Mike F
  2. James O
  3. Thomas T
  4. Martee H
  5. Jeff S
  6. Emily A
  7. Evan P
  8. Dave S
  9. David H
  10. Jan H
  11. James O
  12. Alec B
  13. Paul L
  14. Matt C
  15. Gary G
  16. Vivian S
  17. Nate B
  18. Andy L

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