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Agenda for 03-20-2018

Chair: Vivian


Experienced Members

  • Jody waves his hand enthusiastically. He welds and organizes things.
  • Nate has been around forever. He does electronics stuff. He's worn a lot of hats in the organization.

New Members & Guests

  • Andy is a new member who is looking to do some woodworking.
  • Emily is also a new member who's interested in doing a bit of everything.
  • Cyrille is another new member who heard about i3 at Maker Faire
  • Brad? is a machinist and heard about i3 on facebook

Show and Tell

  • David and Mark have some acrylic [Lichtenberg Figures|[1] they made this weekend.
  • Robert is currently in the process of sewing leather gloves.
  • Jody is practicing writing on metal with the MIG welder.

Old Business

  • n/a

New Business

Upcoming Events

Public Open House

  • This Saturday, 10-4 pm
  • Come on by and talk to the public about i3

Guests and propping the door

  • Nate B has concerns about folks in the space that nobody signs in
    • He dropped by on Saturday and found the door propped open with several people who hadn't been signed in as guests.
    • He would like to clarify that if such a person breaks something, whoever propped the door will be held responsible.
    • Kevin and David added that if the door is propped open and you don't know why, don't feel bad about kicking out the block and closing te door.
    • Nate tells a story about a person who would say they were so-and-so's guest and get let in and then proceeded to break things. That's not ok. Go get so-and-so and have them sign in their guest.

Zone updates

Bicycle Shop

  • Introduce myself (Ben Seiber)
  • Planning an i3 group ride in early June. Suggestions welcome.

Craft Room

  • We'll be getting a brand new, high quality rotary cutter for fabric soon.

Laser Zone

  • New laser tubes were installed a week and a half ago, seem to be working well.
  • The computer at bumblebee died. It's been replaced with a whole new system (an Intel NUC) and a shiny new 24" monitor.
    • All files from "My Documents" were copied over to the new computer.

Leather Loft

  • Lew is handling the leather zone while Karianne is out of town, and he'll be here on Saturday doing some leatherworking demos.

Welding Zone

  • Reminder from Jody: if you want to get trained on anything in the weld zone, send him a message or nag him when you see him and he'd be more than happy to.


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 7:50
  • Attendees: 21

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. James O
  2. Robery W
  3. Steve N
  4. Cyrille G
  5. Jon W
  6. Sean W
  7. Blake H
  8. Robert S
  9. Jody R
  10. Ben S
  11. Lewis D
  12. David H
  13. Glen M
  14. Emily L
  15. Andy H
  16. Tony S
  17. Gary G
  18. Jan H
  19. Nate B
  20. Vivian S
  21. Mike F

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