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Agenda for 04-03-2018

Chair: Joseph


Experienced Members

  • Charlie likes long walks on the beach and holding hands. He doesn't think he's finished a project in about a year.
  • Sean does most of his work in the woodshop and the jewelery zone.
  • Alex is the organizer of the Detroit Autonomous Vehicle Group (DAVG)

New Members & Guests

  • Aisha is here visiting
  • Gary and Kevin are interested in everything
  • Jeremy is interested in the CNC, woodshop, and machine shop
  • Daniel works at Chrysler, is part of the DAVG
  • Victor is a consultant, also part of the DAVG
  • Trevor came to the open house. He's a graphic designer interested in joining.
  • Leah is here to check out the space
  • Abe is also here to see the space

Show and Tell

DAVG Self-Driving RC Car Demo

  • The DAVG started out in a coffee shop in Royal Oak and met on Udacity
  • They've been meeting at i3 for the past several months and have been working on building and programming a self-driving RC car for about $100
  • They've recently reached a big milestone which is a car that can navigate around a colored track
  • The car runs on OpenMV Cam hardware, and they're interested in running cars based on raspberry pis or beaglebones.
  • They're very interested in bridging between hardware here in Detroit and software on the west coast.
  • Also BeagleBone’s Jason and DAVG to build a self-driving RC car to go to California for friendly competition on Saturday, May 19th in Oakland, CA
    • Could we re-create the track that’s in Oakland, CA here? Alex can show dimensions.

Mad Scientist Burlesque

  • Kevin is working on a white satin lab coat for the burlesque show at this year's [www.penguicon.org Penguicon]

Boom Blast Stix game

  • Jeremy who invents toys and games has a new game he designed and recently moved to production

Acrylic Samurai

  • Thomas has some awesome looking lasercut acrylic samurai silhouettes

New Business

2 Variants of Membership

  • Partial access for "quick members" and full access for “full members”
  • This came up in discussion that on slack re: the DAV group, about why recurring guests don't translate into new members.
  • Jody: We did in the past have two tiers of members but we switched away from that
  • For those that aren't members but are interested in coming as guests, we have the i3detroit-public mailing list.
  • Suggestion of PP presentation for orientation with all the different things i3Detroit can do/does

Upcoming Events

  • On May 19, Thomas is hosting a gallery show at i3 of some of his projects as part of his thesis work and strongly encourages anyone who has projects they're proud of to come show them off.
  • Maker Faire is coming up in a few months at the end of July
  • CPA event sign up? Was forwarded to the mailing list. Who put this on here?
  • Matt H. is live streaming some 3d printing on Thursday. Let him know if you're around and don't want to be on the stream.
  • Laser training Thurday, April 12 with Matt H still has one opening available for either first or second session.
  • Alec's laser training on April 26th is for first session-ers, but still has lots of room available.

Zone updates


  • TV pass the hat was successful
  • Thanks to all who donated

Commons Area

  • Any suggestions for how to make the next DAVG challenge better?
  • Possibility of using commons again Saturday, April 28th? Can the commons be reserved?
    • Not really like the classroom, since it's a big community space and a lot of other zones interact with it

Craft Room

  • The craft room floor will be refinished this weekend. Supplies will be temporarily relocated.
  • We have a new fancy rotary cutter for fabric and some new colors of serger thread.

Jewelry Zone

  • Lew: The jewelry zone is working hard to recruit new members and has several joining soon.
  • Also there will be a workshop prior to Mothers' Day

Leather Loft

  • Lew: We were out of dye, now we have several colors. And we're putting together a large rivet kit.

Sky Zone

  • Joseph is pleased with his zone's 100% uptime

Welding Zone

  • Welding is in need of a metal miter saw. There are a few different options, with price tags between $300 and $2500. We're working on securing funding.
  • If you want to have a say in the decision or donate towards the tool, come over to the #welding Slack channel or contact Jody directly.
  • Next week at the Board Meeting, there will be a proposal for space funding for part of the tool that we pick.


i3 MotorSports

  • The replacement for the #3 car has a frame, and the group is going to start welding components onto it soon.


  • the USECA one-day bus to Hamvention reservation cutoff is April 13th. as of 8am they need 12 more seats sold to meet their break-even point.
  • LAST Call for Hamvention Bus seats || Okay fellow USECAns, we are getting very close to our cut off date of FridayApril  13thfor  this  year’s  Dayton Hamvention Bus. If you intend to travel to Dayton in style with your fellow club members, you must fill out the registration form that you can find in any recent copy of the Express, including this one (or contact me directly for a copy of the form KI8M@arrl.net). This modern bus, your club has reserved, can comfortably hold up to 55 people. At the time of this writing, we only have 11 seats paid for and we must have a minimum of 28. If we cannot fill 17 more seats, the club will cancel  the  trip  and  return  registration money to those who have already paid. (Ed: Last year there were far more than 11  hands  that  went  up  at  the  meeting when we were contemplating discontinuing the bus.. Where are you guys now?) If you want to get on board and go to Hamvention  with  USECA  on  this  bus, DON’T  DELAY,  please  forward  your filled out registration and a check made out to USECA ($55) to my address below. It must reach me by April 13th.. 


  • Pattern workshop in the classroom Wednesday from 1-4. Space available for one more student. $50
  • Sewing night is April 11 7-10pm!


Broom Party

sweep sweep sweep

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:25
  • Attendees: 26

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Mike F
  2. Andy L
  3. Aisha F
  4. Charlie R
  5. Matt C
  6. Nate B
  7. Jody R
  8. Kevin T
  9. Gary G
  10. Steve N
  11. Martee H
  12. Jeremy P
  13. David H
  14. Daniel T
  15. Kevin F
  16. Matt H
  17. Alex P
  18. Sean W
  19. Jan H
  20. Dave S
  21. Vicor M
  22. James O
  23. Lewis D
  24. Sara N
  25. Vivian S
  26. Joseph B

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