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Agenda for 07-20-2021

Meeting Location

Meeting was Called to Order At: Never

Consensus was that the meeting need not happen due to low attendance


Virtual Meeting Etiquette

  • Be excellent.
  • Attendance and voting can be found in the #meetings slack channel.
  • Please show up early if you are concerned about your audio.
  • If there is no one waiting to speak feel free to do so at the next opportunity.
  • If there is someone waiting to speak, please say that you are raising your hand in the google call chat. (This will be demonstrated)
  • Please refrain from other side conversations, these can be distracting for the rest of the meeting and make it difficult for the chair to keep track of what's going on.

New Business

Upcoming Events

Zone updates

Commons Area

  • New scissor gates in bay doors

serve a similar purpose to the yellow chain, with a bit more security while allowing for airflow in the warm months.

Unless you're loading in or working in the bay door area (such as on your car on the driveway), they should be closed like the yellow chain spanned the width.

How to use (copied from Slack, thanks Rick): The center pin does have to be in the down position to allow the two gates to intersect and fully lock in the center. To put it down, you have to rotate it until a detent/catch aligns with it's slot. Then you can push it down into the hole drilled in the concrete. The detent/catch allows the pin to stay up when the center locking pin is not in use. One other point is that on A side the concrete has uneven cracks at the building/door concrete apron that the gates wheels sometimes catching on. Rick will try to take the grinder to it and level them off.

Discussion about acquiring the scissor gates has been on Slack.

Space Project Updates

Outside Building Mural

PoC: Emily A.

  • Discuss logistics of painting the outside of the building, proper approvals needed, invite any suggestions, comments, help with the project, etc.
    • If anyone would like to help out (no artistic skill required), please let me know via slack @eadelman, #space-business

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 7:4?
  • Attendees: A few


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