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Matt Switlik (SWiT)

  • PHP, MySQL, Javascript (Ajax) Web Application Development
  • Wifi Networking
  • Robotics/Microcontrollers
  • PC Support and Repair
  • Toy hacking/circuit bending


  • Basic electronics
  • Hardware in general
  • PCs of ISA, VLB, and PCI vintage (not strong on MCA, PCIe, CPCI, VME)
  • Radio / antenna stuff


  • embedded C++ programming for microcontrollers
  • PHP, SQL, AJAX (jQuery), BASH, Python
  • Linux sysAdmin
  • 3 years Machinist training
  • PLC and other industrial computer programming


  • LAMP Web Development, XHTML/CSS, Javascript/jQuery
  • PHP, C/C++, Java, Lisp
  • Basic analog and digital electronics
  • Physics


  • C/C++ for embedded systems
  • Perl
  • Automotive CAN bus
  • digital logic design / PCB design

Steve K.

  • Programming (Python, Perl)
  • Web development, LAMP, Google App Engine
  • Web design (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Graphic design, Inkscape, SVG, publishing SVG/HTML to PDF
  • Linux / Unix
  • Robotics (Lego, Handyboard, Aibo)
  • Math


  • CAD/drafting (AutoCAD, Solidworks, Unigraphics, open source solutions pending)
  • Mechanical design (Design for Mfg., mechanical systems)
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Basic embedded microprocessor and circuit design
  • PCB layout and design
  • Basic DSP
  • Musical devices
  • Apparently piano rebuilding/restoration

NateW (Nate_LapT)

  • Linux - I can make my way around, so much more to learn.
  • Online Media (Netcasting Video/Audio)
    • Video Editing - Sony Vegas/Adobe Premiere
  • Networking
    • TCP/IP, Cat5 Cable Terminating
  • PC Tech Support/Hardware
  • Woodworking - General tool use
  • Web Design (Wordpress)
  • Welding and torches - Beginner

J Wolfgang Goerlich

  • Programming (C#)
  • InfoSec
    • Computer security
    • Network security
  • Defensive hacking
  • Basic electronics

Blasted Bill Putt


  • Advanced Carpentry
  • Advanced Audio(editing, sound sytems, DJing)
  • Advanced Cabling(pulling and terminating cat5, voice, and coax)
  • intermediate computer(networking, windows, linux, setup, repair)
  • intermediate multimedia(video editing, green screen, photoshop)
  • intermediate molding/casting(head casting, 3d make up molding, prop replication)
  • intermediate metal working(welding, fabrication, bending)
  • intermediate plumbing(pvc, plastic, iron, and copper tubing)
  • basic electrical(electrical wiring, electronics welding, led lighting)
  • basic sewing

Looking for:

  • Advanced robotic(for RoboPop)
  • Advanced GUI interface design(for RoboPop)
  • Advanced sewing(for a wide variety of costume projects)
  • Advanced web page(for helping with scripts on DementiaRadio.org)