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An issue I see with the current setup of at least the small laser cutter in the fab lab is that the blower is on the back of the machine which causes the entire ventilation run to be under pressure which then leaks out any non sealed gap. I would recommend placing a blower at the end of the run to pull the air out of the vent. Also, sealing the vent with aluminum tape will give a much better and longer lasting seal than duck/duct tape which has a tendency to dry out and become crumbly over time.

Here are some fairly low cost, medium cf/m squirrel cage blowers that I found in a quick search of I'm sure that they can probably be found local as well. Look for hydroponic ventilation blowers.

Another possibility that would be more expensive but is designed for exactly this type of situation would be a centrifugal upblast exhaust fan. These fans are designed to be roof mounted on top or restaurant kitchens to remove grease laden air. This option would be a larger upfront cost but would probably be the most reliable in the long term. It might be possible to get a used one from a restaurant that is going out of business.

Mccord42 (talk) 08:04, 18 August 2013 (PDT)