Unlucky 13

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AKA cookie monster

AKA slightly leftward sloping pinion

AKA STEM celled

AKA The Independent Varistor

New power racing series car from the ground up. Double-alternator split-axle torque vectoring track dominator.


Mechanical design of the kart. everything rides on them.


Leave room to fit a motor for autonomous steering.

Front Suspension

Use similar measurements from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbReLNi2JP4.

Double wishbone design if we have time.

Rear suspension

2 3/4"pillow block bearings for each half shaft.

Each half shaft is 3/4" with 3/16" keyway, uses the tires we already have.


Front brakes are beefier than the rear bike disk brakes.

4 wheel braking, throttle drops to zero when the brake is pressed.


Make the kart go. Battery, controller, motors


13s6p 18650

  • Charged: 4.2*13=54.6
  • Storage: 3.7*13=48.1
  • Low: 3.4*13=44.2

Battery Protection: https://www.ebay.com/itm/48V-35A-13S-BMS-PCB-Board-PCM-Protection-Board-Balance-For-e-bike-Battery-US-/312094263933

Charging situation

Put some voltage in the solar controller, make it say 01, hit ok to charge.


Using alternators. To make alternator go, need field current. Small connector, apply 2-3V, 5A

Motor Controller



Control Schemes

  • BLDC: some control scheme
  • FOC: Field oriented control: Needs encoder, then would work.
  • AS5047 is one that VESC has built in support for
 * Required Bodge: Tie MOSI or whatever the controller to sensor to gnd or 3v3


Accessories/Safety systems

Make sure we have lights see at night. also make sure the kart does not burn down. More creative systems including a "steering wheel" display to display information and change settings.


The moxie maker. Most of the competition points will come from this,