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Real Name Jen Nagle
E-mail Address
Phone Number Ask
Slack Handle jen4k2
IRC Handle jen4k2

Authorized to use:

Husqvarna Designer SE
Fabric Cutting Table and Giant Mat

Certified Trainer on: None

Jen Nagle

Joined Mid-August 2017


Machine Embroidery

Classes & Training

  • Brainstorming some...

Retro Gaming Pie

  • Birthday present for my brother Stephen
  • Pie & Case, cords, keyboard/mouse acquired
  • Downloaded file from

Projects Completed:

  • Little pyramid pattern weights filled with BBs and rice
  • Early Renaissance garb for my brother Morgan, going to Bicolline 2017
  • Comfortable Yukata and obi for a big guy
  • Flag & Faction Patches for Dystopia Rising folk
  • Cheap Cosplay Classes (sections 1-3)


  • "Low end of Advanced" Sewing construction skills
  • Draping and Pattern making
  • Watercolor and Acrylic painting
  • Reading music
  • Technical writing
  • Basic woodworking
  • Installation, troubleshooting for operating systems form MS DOS to Windows 10, various incarnations of OS X
  • Advanced skills with MS Office, Open or Libre Office suite
  • Theatrical or Residential Design

I'm happy to help anyone with any of the above.

What I want to learn with you

  • Soldering
  • Leather crafting
  • 3D Printing
  • Laser cutter/etching
  • Welding
  • Podcasting
  • Raspberry Pie configuration
  • Injection molding

Other Activities/Interests

Merit Badges