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Go to the Forms page for the most up to date Parking Permit form.

This is just a draft. It is not the official permit and will not give you permission to do anything. Find another old permit form here

Feel free to comment on the discussion page

Owner: ___________________________________________________________________

If this property belongs to a guest, you may list their contact information as well. Please note which method you prefer.

Email: ___________________________________________________________________

Phone: __________________________________________________________________

Text: ___________________________________________________________________

Description of items: ___________________________________________________


Storage location: ______________________________________________________

If location is a zone other than Large Project Storage, this form must be signed by the warden.

What do we need to know to ensure the safety of your property and others working near it?




Permit end date: __________________________________________________

Pick a date that allows sufficient time to remove the items from the space. Remember this date and be sure these items are removed before then. Please consider allowing extra time for unexpected circumstances.

I, the owner, understand i3Detroit's safe storage rules in the standing rules page on the wiki.

I have made sure that my property is stored safely and will not obstruct other members working in the space or events hosted in the space.

I understand that once this permit expires, the items' associated with it will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of.

Member signature _____________________________ Date ___________________

Director signature _____________________________ Date ___________________

Coordinator signature _____________________________ Date ___________________

This permit is not valid unless signed by a member in good standing and a director, officer, or warden and attached to the property being stored.