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Real Name Robert Sandfield
E-mail Address
Phone Number (971)242-9914
Slack Handle Roburrito

Authorized to use:

Acer 1440G Lathe
Bridgeport Mill

Certified Trainer on: None

I have so many things I want to do! May as well list them here, so I don't forget and people might notice and give nudges.

  • Wearable ice-water cooled shirt
  • Grain mill
  • Climate controlled fermentation chamber
  • "Antique" style kegerator
  • Beer steins!
  • Signet rings
  • Armor for actual sword fighting
  • Swords for actual sword fighting
  • Scabbards
  • Travel case for swords
  • Club patches
  • Living herb rack (plumbing and lighting)
  • Upgrade can crusher to pierce and drain 'cleanly'
  • Stained glass
  • Furniture crafting