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Real Name Deonte Brookins "N/A" is not a number.
E-mail Address
Slack Handle takeatripp

Authorized to use: None
Certified Trainer on: None

Deep in the recesses of a broken mind lies a single personality devoted to experimentation. The only motivated ideal in a sea of creativity. He seeks nothing more than to be free to explore the depths of his beliefs and theories.

Alas, such people are often stifled. "The world seeks nothing more than to encourage uniformity in thought." He often heard a voice tell him this time and time again. They'd creep upon his lapel in the darkest moments, suffocating him in their conformity. Yet, he would not yield. His desire burned bright enough that he would use it to power his methods. Every tool served as an extension of his own mind. Every material was his canvas.

To this day, he still sits in the recesses, wondering . . .

Is it really possible for me to make a swivel laptop stand to go on the headboard of my bed so I don't have to keep shifting it around to move? It's not super inconvenient, but it's like really annoying.