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Wood Turning Projects from 2015

Dates: Starting on June 7th, 2015


  • Walnut
  • Maple
  • Poplar
  • Red Oak
  • Stuff found in the scrap bin.


  • Lathe
  • Various gouges
  • 3/4" Forstner drill bit


Left / Right are handles of walnut and maple, the bottom bits get cut off and drilled. It would have been best to drill the mounting hole first before turning. Center are a pair of pedestals of walnut, poplar, and something found in the scrap bin.


Replacement pegs for the coat rack:

  • Made from red oak as I wanted to see how it was to work with. The grain obviously won't match the existing rack, and they're much larger. I think that should help with strength somewhat, and I started with a larger size stock than needed.
  • A maple and walnut laminate made to turn into turning blanks. The finished size is about 16 1/2 inches by 18 1/4 inches. It is made from approximately 121 strips of alternating maple and walnut that are about 1 1/4 inches wide. The resulting board will be cut diagonally into square blanks and turned.


  • Probably one of the first turnings on the new Jet wood lathe and the first test of the Maple and Walnut laminate. The design is a bit off from what I wanted as this particular cut was about 3/4 of an inch shorter than what I needed, but I do like the way the pattern turned out.


  • A new walnut handle for the spatula after the original plastic one broke.

Newspatulahandle.jpg Spatulawithnewhandle.jpg

  • Hooks for the office wall at my desk at work. The over the wall part was made from 1 1/2 x 1/8 flat stock cut and welded.


  • Replacement handles to go on buckets


  • A walnut and maple light pull for the fan for my parents so I can tell which is for the fan and which is for the light.


  • Made some magnets out of the little ends left from other things.

WoodTurning-Magnets1.jpg WoodTurning-Magnets2.jpg

  • A new custom maple and walnut laminate handle for a spatula.