Farewell Cupcake

This past weekend we took the famous cupcake car for its final cruise at Penguicon 2010
As one of the con’s events, mass was held via rooftop to bid farewell as the cupcake made its final journey down the ramps of the parking garage to its resting place in the dumpster below.

If you were unable to see the cupcake in action over the past year, version 2.0 will hopefully make its appearance sometime before summer has ended.   If you would like to lend a hand in the creation of the new car, visit and get involved. Even if your involvement is the opinion of what fabric the seat cover shall be.

Moving Day PT II. Welcome to i3 version II.0

As most of you are aware, i3Detroit relocated to the new 8,000sq’ facility this past weekend. ¬†Some were there to help, and others well.. ¬†For those who missed out, I composed this short documentary of what happened this past saturday.

If you like what you see in this clip, please pledge to our kickstarter project to help.

i3Detroit V1.0 to V2.0 from Nathan Warnick on Vimeo.

The audio in this clip is licensed under creative commons sample alike, and is Maya (Ground and Sky Mix) by Sharp.

Moving Day Pt I.

Ever move a Piano?  Well today we did, and at the joy of 9am.
Dedicated hackers got a truck and moved 1,500sq’ of hackerspace from Royal Oak, down aprox 2 miles to the new 8,000 sq’ facility in Ferndale. ¬†First item of the day, the¬†wondrous¬†player piano. ¬†Weighing in somewhere around 600lbs, the beast was rolled out on its heavy duty casters, dragged onto the truck lift and rolled on in.

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Moving Day Pt I. from Nathan Warnick on Vimeo.