i3 Detroit Winter Lan Social

winter social 2

On Saturday December 26th, i3 Detroit will be hosting the i3 Winter Social event, beginning at 7pm and ending when the sun comes up.

The event will be a BYOC (Bring your own computer) or game. We have a fridge full of soft drinks, but please bring your own snacks! 18 and over only, please.

The classroom section of our space will be set up for computer gaming, with plenty of power, tables, and chairs. The shop will have a projector for Rockband and space for tabletop games. The loft will be used for relaxing, of course, and also console gaming. Got a vintage console you can bring? Leave a comment!

i3 Detroit is a non-profit, and a $10 donation to cover the cost of heat, power and internet would be appreciated.

What games will be played?
Any that most of us have, here’s a short list of recommendations.
Below is a general layout of where games/events will take place.


*Unreal Tournament 99 – Can be found cheap $5-10
*Fear Combat – $Free
*CS:S CounterStrike:Source – $19.99
*TF2 – Team Fortress 2 – $19.99
*Quake Live – $Free
*L4D2 – $49.99
*WCIII BattleChest – $19.99
and more…


*Console gaming & relaxing area
*NES, if someone brings one.
*Sega, if someone brings one.
*NeoGeo, if you bring one ;)

Workshop projector

*RockBand/Guitar Hero

Workshop Tables

*Board Games*

What do people have available?
Settlers of Catan?
If you have a game people will enjoy, bring it!

Classroom Projector or loft


We will play some creative commons movies

*Big Buck Bunny – Creative Commons
*Elephants Dream – Creative Commons

Details subject to change.