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Recently displayed at Up In The Aether 2013, this watercolor was done completely at i3, and shows off some of the knowledge and materials available in the Craft Room!


The piece is a student copy of a full-size oil painting by J. A. D. Ingres, a 19th-century French painter. However, it’s been reduced significantly, posing a bit of a miniaturization challenge. (The original is 1 x 1.467 m [3.2 x 4.8 ft]; this copy is 19 x 28 cm [7.5 x 11 in]. The artist put in quite a few long nights working with a fine brush!)

Members, for more information on where to find watercolor materials and equipment in the Craft Room–or basic or advanced advice on working with watercolor–talk to the Craft Room zone warden, Kevin Flory. Or just stop by to talk about Ingres’ technique!

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  1. AGMLego says:

    I love it! Proof that a hackerspace can produce non-technical works just as well as the other.

    Well done.

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