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Rostock MAX Training Class!

There will be a class for Rostock MAX machine operation real soon now! This class will teach users the basics of machine operation, including: Slicing a model Starting up the machine Changing filament Printing Finishing a print Shutting down the machine Troubleshooting and error recovery

Computational Infrastructure Upgrades

i3Detroit has been the fortunate recipient over its existence of several generations of donated enterprise-grade hardware, and has been running a pretty decent network. The network computers serve several purposes: Running our phones with a VM of Asterisk PBX Managing space infrastructure, like the power meter that helps us split the power bill with our […]

Twitterbot, part 0

Many hackerspaces have some form of notification system, allowing members to publicly announce that the space is welcoming guests. These systems take many different forms, but many boil down to one of two types of systems. The first is one with all the bells on, watching the space with motion sensors and people-detectors and automatically […]

PCB Mill Dust Collection System

Recently, we discovered that the dust collection vacuum unit for our LPKF Protomat C30/S was leaking powdered fibreglass dust all over the under-desk cabinet in which it lives. This of course being unacceptable from a safety perspective (powdered fibreglass is not a carcinogen, but is a major irritant in general) and from a cleanliness perspective, […]


Have you ever been looking at a computer, wanting to put software on it from a CD, but the machine has an empty hole where the CD-ROM drive would be? i3Detroit has been privileged to work with [lain], the creator of the isostick, a USB thumb drive designed to act as a bootable USB CD-ROM […]