Beautification has returned!

Smiling Welding KarenLook, a sign!

During Open Shop Friday, our head of the “beautification committee”, Karen, jumped back in the saddle to give the space a spiff. After giving the loft treehouse a spruce by repairing vines and replacing a strand of lights that had gone out, she jumped over to the welding area for some instructing. Earlier this year, Karen had begun making signs for the different areas of the space, but had only gotten as far as the Electronics storage area. Last night, Nate W. taught Matt O. the ways of the MIG and they started in on the sign for the welding area. With some help from Hans, Karen finished the sign. Task complete! With some Genie-straddling action and assistance from Dustin, the sign is now mounted shining over the glory that is the welding bench.

Another area labeled with awesomeness. Job well done.

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