Bombs Away! Watermelon Drop Recap

An after-school program group for teens from the Muslim Community of Western Suburbs Center (MCWS) came by i3Detroit for a special event. We wanted to do an event that involved a team challenge, brainstorming, designing, and building. A lot of schools and organizations do egg drop contests. The goal would be to design some mechanism to protect and egg falling from a 10ft or higher. We wanted to amp it up to something a little more bigger and badder — a watermelon drop contest.

The group divided up into 3 teams. Each team had a coach from i3Detroit to assist with some of the more dangerous fabrication.


 The teams had to work fast. There was only 2.5 hours allocated to design and build their contraption.


Here are some shots of the three teams. It’s easy to tell they had a great time.

Two of the team designs were able to save the watermelon payload, while one inflicted some cracking on the watermelon.


Have an idea for a team building event you would like to do for your school or organization at i3Detroit? Let us know! Send an email to contact -at- i3Detroit -dot- com.

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