Holy Upcoming Events, Batman!

Yesterday’s Bottle-cap Contact Microphone class was a success thanks to CMKT 4. Attendees had the privilege of seeing a pretty cool little concert as well. i3Detroit is going to keep rocking it in the upcoming week and here’s how!


This Saturday, March 12th, at noon, there will be a meeting up of the Michigan Scale Model Boat Club. Feel free to stop by and check it out.


Quick, before it melts!

Sunday, March 13th, at noon, member Dustin will be pulling out the chain saw for his Ice Carving Class. Students will learn basic carving techniques, texturing, and will got a little hands on experience!
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Monday is 3/14…Pi Day!!!

Let them eat Pie!

Come join us for some mathy-good fun! Bring some pie, eat some pie and be prepared to share some good old fashioned math puns.

Party starts at 7pm. Don’t forget the Cool Whip.


Does molten metal interest you? How about the chance to see someone accidentally set themselves on fire?

Then be at i3Detoit Saturday, March 19th at 1pm to attend Alex Drummer’s Metal Casting Class. Kits will be available for purchase that will allow for 2 pewter castings.
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Bob Ross Paint Along is Back!

Back by popular demand, we are bringing back one of our most successful classes in i3 Detroit histroy.  We are bringing back the Bob Ross Paint-Along classes and in a big way.

Not only are we doing two 10-student classes but we are allowing the public to vote.  There will be a vote on which epsiode will be viewed at each class.  After the class, each painting will be uploaded online and the community will vote on the best one.  The winner will win a free class at i3 Detroit.  Don’t worry.  If you are embarased, you can use a false name.  Based on the ruckuss from last class, there will be many questionable paintings.  We still question how dinosaurs, volcanos and UFOs ended up on the last class’s paintings.

Join us 2/26 at 5pm and 7pm for an amazing event where you will find out if you can keep up with the legend, Bob Ross.  Only $20 gets you 1 hour of fun but the mockery you will get from hanging it in your living room will last a lifetime.  All materials will be provided at the class. Voting for the pictures will be posted next week.

Please RSVP
Class 1 @ 5pm – http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1251700871
Class 2 @ 7pm – http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1251722937

Starting February 4th: Airbrush Class Series at i3Detroit

At last!  A series of airbrush courses will take place at i3Detroit, starting with the introductory class on February 4th.  Class 1 is Intro to Airbrush; class 2 is Airbrush for Murals; class 3 is Airbrush for Props and Models. More information about classes 2 and 3 will be provided soon.


The instructor, Ross Smith (yours truly) will provide students with a thorough grounding in this awesome instrument.  The types of airbrushes, maintenance, mixing paints, basic technique, and resources for more advanced material will all be provided.

Students must pay a materials cost in advance, which buys them all the basic materials needed to get started.  Equipment will be provided for students to use during the class.   (If you have an airbrush to share, please bring it!  Don’t forget your hoses and quick connect couplers.)  Please register online through EventBrite.  If you do not want to pay through EventBrite via PayPal, please contact rsmith@i3detroit.com to arrange payment.

Register online now through EventBrite: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1152454021

  • Date: Friday, February 4th, 7:00 – 10:00 PM
  • Class limit: 15
  • Materials cost: $10 / person
  • Other restrictions: Students must pay by Friday, January 28th; Money collected will be used to purchase materials in advance of class
  • What students will get:
    • A brief presentation about the history, mechanics, and materials of the airbrush
    • a walk-through of the equipment and its usage
    • a hands-on portion demonstrating basic skills practice, a painting project with frisket, and equipment clean-up
    • Materials such as papers, frisket, thinners, and paints  they can take home or store at i3 for their next airbrush session

Questions? Contact rsmith@i3detroit.com

Flame Effects for the Artist – Feb 5 & 6, 2011 @ i3 Detroit

Attention all artists who wish to incorporate fire aspects into their art!  This class is for you…
The Detroit Fire Guild and the great folks at i3 Detroit are hosting an exciting two-day seminar and workshop teaching basic practices and principles for incorporating fuel based flame effects into your work. This class is great for the beginning fire artist and always has something new for the “expert”.
The first day will consist of a classroom session where we will discuss NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) guidelines including NFPA 54 and 58 the LP gas codes as well as NFPA 160 Flame Effects Before a Live Audience and other codes. We will examine the physical properties of LP gasses and get some hands on time with fittings and parts.  The day will finish off by taking a look at some typical designs for Flame Effects including accumulators, free burning effects, pilot lights, etc. We will have plenty of demonstrations and hands on materials as well as the legendary clear propane cylinder.
The second day will be a shop day where we will put what we have learned into action and create a one of a kind flame effect from the materials on hand. The best part of the class is the assembly of the effect so please let us know if you have materials or elements you may like to see incorporated. This class will be fun for the artist who is thinking of incorporating a small flame element into their work, as well as the more experienced fire artist wanting to take their work to the next level.
Leading this weekend will be Dave X, Fire Safety Manager for Burning Man for more than 10 years, and Eric Smith, Chief Inspector for the State of Nevada Board for the Regulation of LP Gas.
Check out some pic’s of past classes
New York
San Francisco
There is a fabrication & material fee for the class of $120.  
Both days’ classes will be from 10am – 5pm.
Printed materials and lunch will be provided each day.
Come and join us for this weekend to hang out with other fire artists and have a blast, no pun intended. We have room for 40 and will be taking walk up registration the day of the event, space permitting. Email your name to Fuelmaster@gmail.com to reserve your place.