Two Classes, One day. Makerbot and PCB design


Makerbot-TheCupcakeCNCLives964_jpg_550x350_q85Come get your Makerbotting on. We know what you’re thinking, and yes, it’s a verb now. We said so. Come on down to learn how to print magical pieces of plastic from our makerbot. It’s free, and nutritious as long as you don’t eat the actual magic. That will probably make you sick. Eat a vitamin pill and some baby carrots instead.

Also, printed circuit board (PCB) design 101. Resident expert Roger is stepping up to the plate to cram some knowledge in your eager little heads about how to churn out PCB designs with the best of em. This class won’t cover actually fabricating the boards themselves (that’s a whole ‘nother class), but should get you well-off enough to be able to submit the design to a fab-house online or etching it yourself using some fancy chemicals (again, that’s another class).





4:00pm-5:00pm – Intro to Makerbot

5:00pm-7:00pm – Designing and Procuring PCBs

Greased Up Pinewood Derby


Our friends over at AIGA Detroit are hosting a pinewood derby. We are helping out by giving participants a space with tools to plan and build their derby cars. The actual race day will occur sometime in January, but there will be a series of workshops leading up to the event. Here is a little blurb from their website on the next workshop day:


Monday, October 24, 2011
October 24, 2011
8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Join us for our second workshop designed to help participants prepare their cars for AIGA Detroit’s Greased Up Pinewood Derby to be held this January. This workshop will focus on continued tips and how-tos so you can transform your block of wood into a speed racer or a magnificent show car. Experts will be on hand to lend advice or bounce ideas off of. Come meet fellow racers and start working on your wheels at I3 Detroit. Hand tools and supplies will be available (pens,pencils, draft paper, sand paper) but feel free to bring anything else you might need to help in the drafting of your vehicle.


I3 Detroit 1481 Wordsworth
Ferndale, MI 48220


$15 for Non-AIGA member
$10 for AIGA members


Please RSVP here if you plan to attend the workshop to ensure we have enough kits available.


*the workshop price includes a full Derby kit which contains a block of wood, axels and wheels and use of the I3 space and tools!

If you are interested in constructing a lightning-fast derby car, go ahead and hit up that eventbrite link in the post, and meet us at i3 Detroit on Oct 24th! We hope to see you there!

Fourth Tuesday, time for Android meetup!

Do you pipe up with advice whenever a friend has a phone question? Or are you the one doing the asking? Do terms like Nandroid and CWM roll off your tongue, or have you not rooted your phone yet? Do you live for QR codes? (Have you scanned the one on our front door?)

Regardless of experience level, you’re welcome at our regular Android meetups! Learn about your phone (or tablet), share what you know, break something, fix something, and most importantly, meet other enthusiasts!

I promise to have the doors open by 7pm, but earlier is probably fine if you’re in the area.

Get your pickin’ on.

Lock pickin’ that is.

This is an open locksport meetup. An experienced member of the Toool group will be there to give a presentation to introduce beginners to lock picking!

If you show up late, we will lock you out and you will have to pick your way in.

Wednesday, Sept 21. 7:00 pm


(okay, just kidding about that last bit)


Events at i3 Detroit this Week: 6/6/12

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6/7 @ 7:30p Member Meeting (open to the public)

6/8 @ 7p Water Rocket Meet-Up – More Info

6/8 @ 9p Live Taping of Make: Live Segment

6/10 @ 7p Open Shop Friday

6/11 @ 12p Welding Class!! – More Info