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Guitars, Furniture, and more: the Tusano Trading Company at Maker Faire Detroit

From the first glance at the Tusano Trading Company’s wares, it makes immediate sense that Thomas’s humanities thesis at LTU was on “The value of craft … trying to find the place where making and thinking meet”. He came to i3 after outgrowing the woodshop on campus, and over two years, has developed a wide variety of works and a small business to encompass them.

A Castle Full of Wonders at Maker Faire Detroit

Animation of fire-belching knights standing guard outside the castle yurt

Every year, i3Detroit members submit so many projects to Maker Faire Detroit (coming up July 27-28!) that the Faire organizers give us our own tent and let us manage the details. This year, no fewer than ten of those projects are by Jan and David Henry, including the fire-shooting knights and giant castle yurt pictured here.

MadridCrafted Bathymetric Maps: i3 member projects at Maker Faire Detroit

Maker Faire Detroit returns to the Henry Ford on July 27th and 28th, and as always, numerous projects by i3Detroit members will be on display. Among them, Dan Madrid’s laser-cut bathymetric maps:

Dan Madrid laser cutting bathymetric maps

For the past several months, Dan has been a frequent sight in front of i3’s laser cutters, making plywood representations of the lakes we all know and love. It started as a hobby project, but he soon started getting requests and selling his work, following a path familiar to many of i3’s members. He’s started a small business called Madrid Crafted LLC, and most of his work is Michigan-focused.

The stuff that dream benches are made of

tl;dr: We won some amazing Keysight gear (and software!) in a contest. They’re running the contest again with an even sweeter prize pack, and entries close in a few days. It’s the real deal and you could win some crazy stuff for yourself or your space. Go enter here, right now. Okay. Done? Seriously, don’t read […]