Welding Techniques 101 – OCT 9

By Photo Dudes (Flickr)

Sparks, Fire, and Current! The class everyone has been waiting for: Welding.  Bring out the  torches, slap down some hot metal, spark it up and let’s weld!

On October 9th at 2pm we will be hosting our first hands-on welding workshop.

Our host has over 20 years of experience in fabrication, working on everything from automobile conveyors, to platforms, to tanks.

Class Safety
Welders should wear work or shop clothes without openings or gaps, to prevent arc light from reaching the skin.  In fact, those even working close to arc welding should also wear protective clothing.  Clothing should always be kept dry, including gloves.  The clothing should also be 100% cotton.  Some of the welding will produce strong IR/UV rays which will cause a nasty sunburn.  You’ve been warned.

Reservations required
Seats are limited as we only have 6 helmets available to use, if you bring your own helmet we can make room for more. This will fill up fast, so go reserve your seat right now!

We have helmets but only a few. You cannot attend without a helmet!

This class is free to the public, though a small donation to help cover our costs is always appreciated.

Antenna-building class, 6pm!

The antenna-building class is almost upon us! And I’m sure about the time on this one, it’s 6:00pm. If I get there on time. (fingers crossed!)

Students who pre-registered: Bring $15 (or $20 if you want to help pay it forward) cash for the materials. I can also take Paypal but that sucks. Also, if you have any of the old double-thick CD jewel cases (the obnoxious ones that didn’t fit in most organizers) that you want to chop up, bring those too — you’ll see why.

Anyone who missed the registration deadline is welcome to observe, and there may be a limited number of extra kits available, but… As soon as I get my work schedule for the next few weeks, I’ll announce another round of classes. Sign up for one of those. 🙂

Upcoming events: Sharpening, antenna workshop, head-casting.

CC-licensed photo of biquad antenna, by Albir.

Hello, Ferndale DIY Street Fair goers! Here’s a quick rundown of what’s coming up at i3Detroit:

Every Monday: Microcontrollers! This birds-of-a-feather hangout session is for anyone who uses, or is interested in, microcontrollers. Be it AVR or PIC or 8051, we don’t discriminate. Bring projects! Bring questions! Newbies and gurus, members and guests alike are welcome, just drop in. Doors should be open by 6.

Tuesday Sep 21: Meeting and Board elections. ALL MEMBERS should attend, as this is a rather important vote! Meetings are open and non-members are welcome.

Tuesday Sep. 28: Hands-on blade sharpening workshop. Seats are going fast, RSVP ASAP! Members and guests welcome, starts at 6.

Thursday Sep. 30: Hands-on wifi antenna build. Improve your AP’s signal with a handmade biquad antenna. You MUST RSVP by the 22nd to get in on the group parts buy! Members and guests welcome, starts at 6. If you just want to watch and learn but not take home an antenna, there’s no need to reserve a spot.

Saturday Oct. 2: Head casting! Learn to cast body parts for propmaking. Poke your head into i3detroit-public and pipe up if you want to get in on the materials order, also being finalized this week. Spectators also welcome! The going gets messy around 2pm…

Ferndale DIY Street Fair – 9/18 & 9/19

It’s hard to believe that just last year we were driving around the cupcake car at the DIY Street Fair and trying to get people to be interested in i3 Detroit.  Forward 365 days and we are being invited to the event to host a kids Make n’ Take.

Why not take a commercial product that kids are currently obsessed with and show them how to make them.  At the fair, we will be attempting to make silly bandz out of silicone, foam molds and some coloring.  In theory the process will work, but we only tested it last night.  🙂   The bonus is it’s free for the kids to try.

Come check out the event Sat – Sun (9/18 – 9/19) from 12 – 6.  There will be art, bands and food.  i3 Detroit will be located in the kids section and will also have the twinkie car and maybe some other surprises.

Hope to see you there.

Upcoming events: Needlecraft, Blade workshop, and more!

Two knives and a sharpening stoneLooked at the calendar lately? Buncha stuff coming up! Members and guests alike are welcome at all of the following:

September 14th: Needlecraft Gathering. 6pm. Whether it’s stitched, knit, or injected (just kidding!), needles and textiles are the focus of this crafters’ night. Other shop activities will be under way as well, of course…

September 16th: Geeks without Borders. 7pm. A representative of this nonprofit will be speaking on ways we can be more involved in our communities.

September 28: Keep it Sharp! 6pm. A hands-on blade maintenance workshop, bring any non-serrated blade, from a pocketknife to a machete. Learn how to sharpen and hone a blade, how to care for knives, and more. This is likely to be a popular class, so reserve your seat now.

October 7: DIY Filmmaker Meetup. 7pm. Anyone involved or interested in film production is welcome! Show short clips of your work, participate in another talent exchange, or just hang out.  It’s been the better part of a year since the last one of these…