Red Bull Creation Challenge: Live Update Day 2. 1Day 11 hours to go.

The creation is coming together!

With 1 day 11 hours to go.

11:13pm Streaming live from Mission Control: Ustream

Still Raining on and off.

Helping Red Bull fix the drill press.

Holy Upcoming Events, Batman!

Yesterday’s Bottle-cap Contact Microphone class was a success thanks to CMKT 4. Attendees had the privilege of seeing a pretty cool little concert as well. i3Detroit is going to keep rocking it in the upcoming week and here’s how!


This Saturday, March 12th, at noon, there will be a meeting up of the Michigan Scale Model Boat Club. Feel free to stop by and check it out.


Quick, before it melts!

Sunday, March 13th, at noon, member Dustin will be pulling out the chain saw for his Ice Carving Class. Students will learn basic carving techniques, texturing, and will got a little hands on experience!
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Monday is 3/14…Pi Day!!!

Let them eat Pie!

Come join us for some mathy-good fun! Bring some pie, eat some pie and be prepared to share some good old fashioned math puns.

Party starts at 7pm. Don’t forget the Cool Whip.


Does molten metal interest you? How about the chance to see someone accidentally set themselves on fire?

Then be at i3Detoit Saturday, March 19th at 1pm to attend Alex Drummer’s Metal Casting Class. Kits will be available for purchase that will allow for 2 pewter castings.
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i3Detroit Panel at ConFusion

Members of i3 Detroit will be hosting a panel at ConFusion this coming weekend.

ConFusion runs from Friday January 21st to Sunday, January 23rd at the Detroit Marriott in Troy, 200 W. Big Beaver Rd.

The Panel will be held Sunday, January 23 @ 12pm in Salon E.

The panel is called  “The Age of the Hacker: A Primer to Hackerspaces and DIY Culture.”

Excerpt from Program Book: “Hackers (not computer thieves, but rather the imaginative practitioners of the do-it-yourself mentality) are on the rise. The Internet has made all manner of technology more accessible and cost-effective to the ordinary hobbyist, providing everything from free project diagrams to cheap pneumatic valves. As a direct result, more people are exploring the world of at-home machining, crafting, and electronics-for-fun, profit, and home repair. Most of all they are getting out of their garages and into communities called hackerspaces, where they work, share, and learn together. Join a few members from i3Detroit as they explain the hackerspace phenomenon, demonstrate a few projects, and show you that we truly live in the Age of the Hacker.”

Panelists include: Nick Britsky, Ted Hansen, Brad McMahon, and Ross Smith.

For more information about ConFusion, check out

Congrats to New i3 Detroit Blogger – Brad

Congrats to the newest tcgeeks blogger, Brad.  He is a founding member of i3 Detroit and will be writing hack & tech related stories for the iPad for them starting with his first post this past weekend (11/28/2010).

He has a pretty awesome profile somewhere on the site but I couldn’t find it. 

Good luck and congrats!!

Link to Post:

Makerbot Cupcake CNC is up and running!

Last week, i3Detroit’s new Makerbot CupCake CNC Ultimate kit arrived. This is a 3d rapid prototyping tool, which extrudes tiny bits of plastic to build up an arbitrary shape, according to the CAD model you send it. Similar in capability to the RepRap, the Makerbot isn’t designed to build more copies of itself, but just to make any plastic part you need.

Assembly and testing started Thursday and continued through last night (this morning, technically), culminating in the successful printing of the adorable little failwhale pictured here.

This is just the latest addition to i3Detroit’s fabrication tools, which already include two welders, a large lathe and Bridgeport mill, an industrial sewing machine, and more. Watch this space for class announcements!