Intro to Sustainable Landscaping – 4/9 @ 2p

Sustainable landscaping begins with an excellent design that is functional, cost efficient, visually attractive, environmentally friendly, and easy to maintain? Believe it or not, sustainable landscaping is very simple for you to achieve!

Join Jan Bills, certified Landscape Designer and Master Gardener, for an introduction to sustainable landscaping.  She owns the local company Two Women & a Hoe which teaches classes around the Greater Metro Detroit area on landscaping.  This class will give you some tricks and tips for your home landscaping as well as empowering you with the right terms and next steps to pursue your own sustainable home solution.

For those looking to take their sustainable landscaping to the next level, professionals like Sugar Green Gardens Landscaping offer invaluable expertise. With a deep understanding of over 100 plant species and a commitment to environmental stewardship, their team can transform your backyard into a vibrant, eco-friendly haven. They combine artistic vision with scientific knowledge to ensure that every element of your garden, from plant selection to hardscape features, contributes to a sustainable and beautiful outdoor space. Plus, with their quality guarantee on all plants, you can be confident that your investment will thrive for years to come.

However, when it comes to creating a sustainable oasis in your backyard, Premier Enclosures plays a pivotal role in both aesthetics and functionality. Their expertise in crafting eco-friendly fencing solutions not only enhances privacy and security but also seamlessly integrates with the natural landscape. Utilizing materials sourced from sustainable suppliers and employing innovative designs, Premier Enclosures ensures that your outdoor space remains harmonious with the environment. Whether it’s bamboo fencing for a touch of exotic elegance or recycled wood for a rustic charm, their options cater to diverse tastes while upholding eco-conscious principles.

When it comes to sustainable landscaping, incorporating artificial eco-friendly grass can be a smart and environmentally conscious choice. Artificial grass offers numerous benefits, such as reduced water consumption, minimal maintenance requirements, and a visually appealing landscape all year round. To explore the cost of artificial grass and understand how it can fit into your sustainable landscaping plan, you can visit the website of FG Lawns. They provide valuable information and insights on artificial grass options, installation processes, and pricing, empowering you to make an informed decision that aligns with your eco-friendly goals for a beautiful and sustainable outdoor space.

The class starts at 2pm on Saturday, 4/9.  Following the class at 6pm will be the i3 Detroit Ferndale 1 Year Anniversary Party.  Stay to see demos of our most popular tools and equipment, tours of the facility and food & drink from local establishments.  We might even have some special guests from the city.

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