Meet the Members: Paul Kerchen

The Chicken Tractor

When did you join i3 Detroit:

August 2010

What have you worked on at i3:
  • Wall-E vertical carousel
  • Dollhouse furniture
  • Wireless quiz gadgets (for GGHC)
  • Treasurer
What is your next project:
  • Wireless package delivery detector.
  • Tune bugs: stand-alone electronic devices that generate different tunes depending on the proximity of other tune bugs.
  • Treasure chest with electronic combination lock.
  • Rope bridge over creek, zip line between barn and pond (at home, not i3 🙂 ),
  • Coffee table jukebox
  • A mechanical iris installed in the door of my shed

Best i3 Detroit Memory:

The first Potlock, where we worked together to improve the space in one long night of cutting, drilling and eating.

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