Meeting Tonight & More Red Green Statue Building

It must be a 1st or 3rd Tuesday of the month because it is i3 meeting time.  If you have never visited the space, this is a perfect time to meet its members and learn about the interworkings.  It would also be a great time to join and get your 24/7 key card.

After the meeting, we will be working on our giant Red Green Duct Tape Statue as seen in this pic.  That section is 8 feet tall and the top section has a host of woodamatronics (wood + animatronics – electronics).  All are welcome to help staple chicken wire and wrap duct tape.  Way more fun that sitting at home watching TV (I think NCIS is a rerun anyway).

We are also here to help on your Maker Faire projects too.

Time: 7pm
Location 1481 Wordsworth, Ferndale, MI 48220

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  1. Chris says:

    You should make a BBQ out of him too and finish the rest of him I feel like a prevert looking at this lower half…. If I wasn’t in CO. i’d be there helping…lol

  2. RM says:

    there men and there is Red! A true leader of men. i cant wait till he comes to Connecticut. and visits us flatlanders…

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