Mower Gang Kicks Grass

The do-gooders of the Mower Gang are at it again! Last time it was reclaiming a bike racing track from nature, this time it’s about cleaning and mowing a Detroit public park and saving the whales… well, one whale… made of cement. Member Matt Switlik will be heading out for the 1pm event from i3Detroit around 12pm on Saturday with a self-propelled push mower and electric trimmer. Come by to grab a ride or bring your own equipment and help out! City budgets and red tape be damned! Let’s cut some grass!

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  1. Tom Nardone says:

    Thanks for mowing Matt. The Mower Gang needs all of the help we can get and with the 24 people we had that day, we helped quite a bit.

    I look forward to seeing you out there again.

    – Tom from the Mower Gang.

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