Welcome to the 2013 Arduino Puzzle! Do you have what it takes to solve all the clues? First to finish earns a month of membership! Solutions will replace the end of the URL here.

NOTE: The puzzle has been solved, and the prize has been claimed. The pages are probably gone and you shouldn’t worry about it.


Nppbeqvat gb kxpq, jung qb lbh rnea ol vapyhqvat na neqhvab va n cebwrpg?


Puzzle FAQ:

  • Who?
  • You, if you’re reading this.
  • How?
  • Figure it out! It’s a puzzle, after all.
  • Help?
  • Hints may trickle out. Be social. Try @i3detroit.
  • When?
  • Until someone solves it. When that happens, this page will be updated. (Oh! See above!)