SaikoLED MyKi Challenge : Creating a Light That Responds to Video Games

2013-04-08 12.40.06


The SaikoLED company recently held a contest in which they would give a free prototype of their newest light to three groups of people that had a neat project idea. At this point, I had recently taken over the bi-weekly games of Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator that we were playing at i3 Detroit. After suggesting that we could use their DMX light to sync with Artemis, they were more than happy to send us one of the prototypes.

After lots of tweaking…





And soldering…





We were finally ready! After hooking everything up, I grabbed my phone and began filming the video that SaikoLED requested. I have uploaded that video at the Youtube link below. Enjoy one of the many cool projects started and finished at i3 Detroit!


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